How the resOS app store works

Create your own interface by activating and deactivating app's in resOS

resOS new app store lets you choose the apps that you want visible in the system. With this in work, you can choose if you want a simple interface or a more advanced one. Below is a guide on how it works.

How to activate and deactivate apps

Acces your app store by going to "Apps and features" under shortcuts on your accounts dashboard.

resOS app Features
resOS app store

The app store is fully customizable, so you can activate the apps that you use on a daily basis and disable the ones you aren't using. By doing so, you can control how you're interface looks.

The app's functionality and settings will not be available in the system if disabled in the overview. This will provide you with a much simpler interface when navigating around in the system.

You can also click on each app's "about" sign, which will bring up a textbox containing the app's features and benefits.

resOS app prepayment
resOS app information

We will be launching new apps in the system throughout 2021, based on your feedback and suggestions. We hope this can simplify your resOS interface, and increase the effectiveness!

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Need any help with the app store?

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the setup, of the new app store. We are always ready to help! Contact us at [email protected].