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resOS’ reservation system API

resOS’ reservation system API is the essential middleman that allows your current software systems to communicate with our booking system. This means that you can give developers or marketing managers access to important data about your guests, restaurant, or invoices, without doing this manually. This is a great way to reduce the workload for your company and is used by huge companies all around the world. 

How resOS’ reservation system API works

resOS’ reservation system API is a cloud-based interface that makes it possible for your systems to interact with each other. This means that if, for instance, your restaurant receives a booking via another system, you can make a request to our API which then automatically will register that booking with all the available data.

In other words, our API allows you to receive bookings from the whole spectrum of hungry guests. No matter if they wish to book via the phone, computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Our API is a modern REST API that requires a set of private keys in order to obtain access. It’s fully secure and follows the modern standard for API communication. The API can give you access to all relevant information from resOS such as guest-data, booking-data, or any other data that you might be interested in integrating into another system.

With our API, you will be able to:

  • Create bookings directly in the system that you, for instance, have received via a phone call or through another system
  • See all bookings via the booking list and calendar overview
  • Edit/update your bookings

Become an authorized partner today

We are on a constant lookout for partners to collaborate with in order to develop custom software for our customers. Have you already set up software or integration and wish to reach out to a broader audience of restaurant owners? Contact our support team to explore the opportunities of partnering with resOS.

API documentation

In order to use our API, you have to follow the API guidelines found in our API documentation.
Read our documentation here

Easy integration with resOS’ API

Our dedicated support team will always be here to help out. We wish to create strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers in order to co-create value together.

There is an endless supply of systems that can be integrated with resOS’ booking system. Only imagination limits what can be done. Below are some suggestions for what our API can help you accomplish.

With resOS’ API, you can:

  • Integrate into an e-mail system such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor
  • Allow for interaction between resOS and an accounting system such as Microsoft Dynamics, Debitoor, E-conomic or similar
  • Integrate into a CRM or business intelligence platform
  • Integrate to a lamp at the office so it blinks every time you get a booking

Read also about the many features resOS has to offer here.

Do you need any help integrating resOS API? Contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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