Efficiently book in your guests with automatic customer profiles

  • Get a better overview of all your guests and their previous bookings
  • Book your guests faster and more efficiently with already saved guest information
  • Provide the best service with comments that remind you of the guests’ preferences
  • Create tags that allow you to keep track of your regulars, VIPs, and bad guests
resOS customer profile database

Book your guests faster with already saved guest information

The customer database includes automatic customer profiles that are easily accessible. Automatic customer profiles provide both – a better overview and give you the opportunity to create an even better experience for guests at your restaurant.

We’ve gone through every table booking that has ever come through resOS and made sure that all your previous guests are already in the system! This means that you have a bunch of valuable data available.

Start typing phone number and the system will automatically fill out the rest information about the customer
Type in a phone number and the system automatically fills out the rest

What does the customer database do? Every time a new booking is created, the system automatically matches the information (such as name, email, or phone number) of the guest to a customer profile and associated previous bookings. If it’s the first time that the guest is at your restaurant, then a new customer profile will appear.

And if you add the booking manually, the system suggests previous guests to you as you type. This allows you to book your guests faster and more efficiently.

Read also about the resOS visual restaurant table planner here.

Customer data list and an easy overview

Through the menu point ‘customers’, you are able to access your entire customer list. It is a complete overview of everyone who has previously booked a table with you.

Example of resOS customer profiles list
resOS customer list

Above you can see what a customer list looks like for a restaurant. Here, you see a complete overview of everyone who has ever booked a table at your restaurant. Next to the name you can find their phone number and the last activity date. This way, you can easily get a quick overview of all your customers.
A more in-depth overview of your customers can be seen by clicking on the individual customer profile.  

Example of a customer profile
Example of a customer profile

So, from the customer list, you can click on a specific guest to get an overview of their previous bookings. You can also give the customer different tags (of your own making). It allows you to keep track of your regulars, VIPs, etc., to provide the best possible service. Here you can also add a comment to inform yourself that one of your guests prefers a certain table, always starts with a cup of coffee, or always has a particular dish. This way, the system helps you to remember all the little things that can make a difference for your guests. 

You can also flag the “bad guests” here, so you could keep track of those who might not be as pleasant and who you need to keep an eye out for. In other words, the customer profiles will provide you with exactly the information about your guests that you want and need.

Read more about our “Flag bad guests” feature here.

User rights to customer profiles

As the owner/admin of a restaurant (and its booking system), you of course need to be able to access all the information. But, also you need to decide who else should be able to have full access to this information. 

Therefore, the customer database requires new user rights to access the data, so that only the owner/admin will be able to access it by default. However, we also know that it will not always be the owner who is on the phone with guests taking bookings. That’s why every user will be able to add and remove a customer from a single booking. But for the full overview and customer details, the user will need the appropriate user rights.

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