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Get more bookings with Google Reservations as a booking channel

Why should you add Google Reservations as one of your booking channels?

  • Increase your online visibility and get more bookings
  • Make it easier for guests to book a table as soon as they find you on Google
  • Allow guests to make a seamless transition from searching to booking
  • Enables guests to reserve a table via Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant
reserve with Google

Reservations with Google makes it easier to reserve a table

Reserve with Google is a brilliant service provided by Google that allows users to book a table at your restaurant directly via your Google My Business profile. You might know the service as the big blue button on a restaurant’s Google account. Often, it is used by restaurants and eateries around the world to ensure a smooth and easy booking experience. Since resOS is an official Google booking partner, this feature will be included in your subscription.

We highly recommend all restaurants set up Reserve with Google. The sooner, the better! When exposing guests to the option of reserving a table at your venue, guests are, obviously more prone to book a table. Also, you provide guests with a very simple booking experience. We recommend cutting out the act of going through several clicks to reach a booking form.

Encourage guests to easily reserve a table

By adding Reserve with Google to your restaurant, café, bar, pub, bakery, karaoke bar, or whatever establishment you may have, you are reducing friction and making it easier for both yourself and your customers to make reservations. With the blue button on your Google My Business account, you can encourage guests to easily reserve a table at your restaurant. The best part is that bookings from Google are synchronized with resOS’ booking system in real-time.

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Integrate your booking system with Google Reservations

Reserve with Google sounds great, right? Although, it’s important to note that you can only use this option for reservations by working with a restaurant reservation or table management system that is an official Google booking partner like resOS is.

We have made sure that it’s easy to enable Reserve with Google when you use resOS as your booking and table management system. You just head to the app section on your resOS dashboard and activate ‘Reserve with Google’ like you would with any other app from our app selection. And the best part is – it doesn’t require any setup from the resOS platform.

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Set Google Reserve up in 5 quick steps!

It’s super straightforward to set up your booking system on Google.

  1. Make sure you have a Google business profile
  2. Go to your resOS profile -> Menu -> apps -> Scroll down to Integrations and activate ‘Reserve with Google’
  3. Make sure the information in both Google and resOS are aligned such as name, opening hours, address and city so we can match it with google.
  4. Wait 24 hours and everything should be linked
  5. Start getting bookings through Google
Reserve with Google in resOS app

Management features with Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google supports all management-related features, which means that you can maintain your preferred way of working with bookings and table management.

Most important management settings:

  • Automatic acceptance of bookings – the system will automatically accept new bookings if a table is available for the specified party size at the chosen time
  • Manual acceptance of bookings – all new bookings will show up as pending, allowing you to accept or decline the bookings
  • Automatic assignment of tables – the system will automatically find a table that fits at the time and specified party size
  • Manual assignment of tables – new bookings will have to be assigned a table manually by the restaurant
  • Add areas and show them on Google – if you add areas to your restaurant (or the like) and allow guests to choose an area, it will also be possible for your guests to choose an area themselves when they reserve a table.

There are a million ways to run and manage a restaurant, bar, café, or the like. And we understand that doing so is hard work that requires procedures and systems in place that support your preferred way of working. Therefore, it’s possible to customize the level of automation in relation to receiving bookings and allocating tables directly in your system. And, of course, this is no different with the Reserve with Google feature.

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Are you ready to try out resOS and set up Reserve with Google?

With Reserve with Google, it has never been easier for your guests to see your availability and make a reservation – right then and there. Set it up easily with resOS at no additional hassle or cost to you, nonetheless.

You can also check out our FAQ article about table booking through Google.

Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions about setting up Reserve with Google for your business. Or if there’s something else we can do to help.

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Frequently asked questions about Reserve with Google

When will the blue Reserve with Google button be activated?

Note that once you set up your Reserve with Google app, it can take up to 24 hours for the blue booking button to be reflected in the Google booking flow.

Is Reserve with Google free of charge?

Reserve with Google is included in your resOS subscription so there are no extra charges for using this feature. If you have a subscription, the feature is 100% for free.

Why does my Reserve with Google button not show on my Google Business profile?

Check if your Google Business Profile is set up correctly with ‘dining place’ as the category. Also make sure that the information on your Google profile matches the information in your booking system. Your name, address and opening hours must be identical on both profiles.

Why should I use Reserve with Google for my restaurant?

Reserve with Google ensure a smooth and easy booking experience for guests who find you on Google. When exposing guests to the option of reserving a table at your restaurant, you increase the chances of getting more online bookings.

Why are changes in my booking system not showing in Reserve with Google?

Any changes to data related to the booking flow (such as opening hours, areas, and tables) might take up to 48 hours to be reflected in the Reserve with Google booking flow. 

Do you have any other questions about Google Reserve that we have not covered in this FAQ?

Please contact us at [email protected], and we will help you with any questions you may have.

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