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What can you do with the custom design feature?

  • Customize your booking page and make it more personalized
  • Customize the colors of the booking page and the widget
  • Select different fonts for headlines and text that appears on the booking form
  • Customize the spacing that is used between different design elements
Custom design for your resOS booking and takeaway page, and widget.
Customize your resOS booking page

Custom designs for the booking and takeaway pages

With the new custom designs feature, you can now customize your booking page and make it more personalized. The customization allows aligning your booking page with your website and the theme of the restaurant. In addition, this is also available for the takeaway page and the widget. So, no matter if you have the widget code integrated on your website, or use the booking page, you will still be able to make it yours! Sounds great, right?

Most importantly, all of this is already included in your subscription plan! In other words, there are no extra charges.

What does the Custom design allow me to do?

First of all, the new feature allows you to customize the colors and font types of the booking/takeaway page and the widget. This means that you will be able to use the same fonts and colors for the resOS booking page as you are using on your restaurant's website. Overall, with this feature, you create a match between your website and your resOS' booking page.

Secondly, custom designs feature can support all kinds of colors that exist. And you can choose from more than 300 different fonts! You can see all the fonts that we support here.

Moreover, you can select up to two different fonts that will be used for headlines and the other text that appears on the page.

Lastly, but definitely not least, you can customize the spacing that is used between different design elements.

Custom designs for a better customer experience

In addition, we truly believe that this feature can help your business to improve the customer experience. Having the booking or takeaway page in line with the restaurant's identity can help you to increase the satisfaction of your guests and improve their journey. As Susan Sellers says "Brand is the story. Design is the storytelling". Therefore, we encourage you to use the new feature which will help to improve the storytelling of your story!

Want to improve customer experience even more?

Try our feature for automatic customer profiles, which allows you to add tags and notes about the customers! You can read about it more here.

Feel like you need help?

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