A booking system that matches your type of restaurant and business

The team behind resOS has created a restaurant operation system that is simple, cheap and incredibly easy to use. We have spent a lot of energy to make sure that our booking system matches your eatery. Whether you like to run your restaurant in a traditional way and note bookings down in your book, or you need a simple and effective system to get an overview of your available tables and times. You can be sure that we have made every effort to adjust the system to your specific needs.

If you are unsure whether the booking system fits your needs and daily operations, we have made a list of the types of eateries and businesses that the booking system fits very well. Find your type of eatery or restaurant on the list and see how our booking system matches your needs.

resOS works great for

All you can eat restaurant

resOS' booking system gives you more time to focus on making delicious food, so your guests can enjoy the visit in your restaurant


Make online booking easy for your guests and focus on the great dishes and tasty wines in the bistro.

À la carte restaurants

Get more time for making delicious a la carte dishes with resOS' simple booking system


Get more time to make great food and take care of the guests with resOS booking system

Buffet restaurant

Get more time to keep the buffet warm and full, so your guests can enjoy all the food they want

Burger bar

With a simple online booking system you get time to shape the most delicious burgers


Get more time to taking care of your guests and create great meals

Coffee shop

Booking system for the coffee shop that makes it easy for guests to book a table


Never loose the American style of your diner with resOS booking system

Fast food restaurant

Booking system for fast food restaurants that gives an overview of everyday life


Be professional with a functional and cheap booking system for gastropubs

Gourmet restaurant

Choose a professional booking system for your gourmet restaurant so you can focus on the most important: high quality, happy guests and excellent service

High-end restaurant

Excellence is a choice. Aim for the best. Be the best. Choose to work with us!

Hotel restaurant

Show to your guests how much you care! Move on to the next step of hospitality by using our booking system for hotel restaurants


Get more time to take care of your guests with a new booking system for pizzerias!

Pop up restaurant

Does your pop up restaurant need a temporary booking system to fill the tables?


Through a professional, simple and intuitive booking system you get more time for your guests and making delicious food

Sandwich bar

Make it possible for guests to book your tables online without removing focus from your delicious sandwiches


Do you want to have the time to serve perfect steaks to your guests? Get more time for that with a great booking system

Take away restaurant

Receive more guests with the resOS booking system for takeaway restaurants

Tapas Restaurant

Keep the Spanish tapas spirit high with resOS booking system! 


A simple, flexible and personalized system that will make your service easier!

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