Collect guest feedback and get better online reviews

Why should you collect guest feedback about your restaurant?

  • Get valuable insights about how guests evaluate the service, food, and atmosphere
  • Avoid bad comments and get more positive online reviews
  • Encourage happy guests to write an online review on your social media platforms
  • Be aware of negative feedback and quickly address the issues at an early stage

Automatically collect feedback from guests

We offer the possibility to communicate with your guests before the time of their table reservation. With our feature Guest Feedback, you will know how the guests evaluate your restaurant, food, and atmosphere after their visit. You can improve and meet your guests’ needs by enabling guest feedback in the booking system app.

An hour after their visit, guests will get a questionnaire. The customer feedback consists of a question of whether or not they were satisfied with their visit to your restaurant. If the guest was happy about the visit, the guest will be guided to leave a review. In this way, we make sure that future guests will know what you do well.  

Encourage guests to give you feedback

Did you know that the sooner a guest fills out a review of your restaurant, the higher the chance is that they will write a good review? So sending the questionnaire out an hour after the guests leave your restaurant, increases the chances of your restaurant getting good feedback.

At this stage, it is common knowledge that it’s easier to retain customers than to attract new ones. By having satisfied guests fill out the review, it means there is a higher chance that they will return to the restaurant.

guest feedback in the booking system
Reviews from the guests
guest feedback in the booking system
When a guest gives feedback

Quickly fix any mistakes

By sending out this customer feedback so quickly after a guest visits your restaurant, it doesn’t only increase the chances that they will fill out a positive review, it also means that you will be aware of potential negative feedback quicker. By addressing these issues at an early stage, you can improve and lower the risk of getting bad reviews again.

guest feedback in the booking system
Cross-platform reviews

Track the development of your restaurant

With this feature, you will be able to see how your restaurant develops over time. You can see graphs of the scores for each question, as well as the average score and how many people would recommend your place. This gives you the chance to see the improvements in different criteria which the guests are asked about.

Read also about the resOS’ customer database that provides automatic customer profiles for all your guests.

Ready to try resOS and manage guest feedback?

If you have any questions about how you can manage guest feedback with resOS or you need more information on how this feature can help you and your restaurant, write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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