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Visual table planner

What are the benefits of the visual table planner?

  • Complete overview of bookings and tables in real-time: Monitor all reservations and table statuses instantly.
  • Smart colour codes: Quickly identify available, reserved, and occupied tables.
  • Customized to your restaurant’s physical setup: Tailor the table planner to match your restaurant’s actual layout.
  • Streamline guest allocation: Effortlessly manage seating and improve staff efficiency.
Online table planner

Visual restaurant table planner is a feature that provides a comprehensive view of your restaurant’s seating and reservations. It allows you to create a digital layout of your restaurant, customize table shapes and placements, and manage bookings in real-time.

How does the online restaurant table planner work?

resOS online table planner provides a comprehensive view of your restaurant’s seating and reservations. Featuring a smart colour-coded system, it allows you to see the status of each table at a glance. Here’s how it works:

  • Real-time bookings display: View and manage bookings directly from the planner interface.
  • Drag-and-drop floor plan editor: Easily set up your floor plan within minutes.
  • Multiple floor plan: Create as many floor plans as necessary for different areas or special events.
  • Colour codes overview: Quickly understand table statuses with clear colour codes.

An overview of the colour codes and their function will help you quickly understand the status of your guests and keep track of your tables.

This colour legend helps you quickly understand the status of your tables and manage your guests efficiently:

  • Green (table available): The table is available for new bookings.
  • Teal (Booking at table soon): A booking is scheduled to arrive at this table soon.
  • Yellow (request): A request for this table is pending.
  • Orange (occupied): The table is currently occupied by a guest.
  • Light Red (arrived): The guests have arrived but are not yet seated.
  • Red (seated): Guests are currently seated at the table.
  • Purple (left): The guests have left, and the table is now free for cleaning or a new booking.

Setting up your visual restaurant table plan

You can set up the visual restaurant table plan according to the physical setup in your restaurant. Start by creating your tables in the floor plan to get a complete digital image of your restaurant.

Read more about 👉 How to set up your floor plan.

  1. Create tables: Choose how many seats each table should have, its name, and shape.
  2. Arrange tables: Click and move the tables to their designated places, matching your restaurant’s physical layout.
  3. Save and allocate your guests: Save the floor plan, and it will be ready for daily use, providing an accurate digital representation of your restaurant’s seating arrangement.
Online table planner from resOS app

Benefits for new staff: This feature is particularly useful for new employees, helping them quickly familiarize themselves with the restaurant’s layout.

Multiple floor plan

The new Multiple Floor Plans feature tallows you to create as many floor plans as you need for different areas or special events, providing greater flexibility and control over your restaurant’s seating arrangements. Here’s how it enhances your table planning experience:

Switch between floor plans easily to match your current operational needs, and design unique layouts for special occasions without disrupting your standard setup.

Multiple floor plan in calendar

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use the visual table planner?

The visual table planner is like all other features in resOS, already included in all plans. So if you have an account on resOS, you also have access to this feature and all other features. It does not cost you anything to use this feature beside the subscription fee if you have a paid plan.

Is it possible to have a floor plan for each area of the restaurant?

Yes, it is possible to create several separate floor plans in the system. Simply add a floor plan in the settings under “Tables”.

How can I implement the table planner for my restaurant?

All you have to do to get started with the floor plan is create a resOS account and go to Dashboard -> Apps where you can activate the floor plan feature. Then you go to Settings -> Tables -> Floor plan, and start setting up your tables.

Any other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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