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How to set up the Booking confirmation feature

Set up booking confirmations to secure accurate reservations and reduce no-shows.

How to get reviews on your preferred platform?

Update your feedback app to direct reviews to platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, streamlining the review process and boosting your online presence.

How to disable Reserve with Google from the resOS app

Quickly disable Reserve with Google in your resOS app with our simple guide.

How to set up the Booking Date Notes feature in the resOS app?

Effortlessly set up the Booking Date Notes feature in the resOS app to improve your restaurant's organization and efficiency. Sync front-of-house and kitchen operations, ensure important details are never missed, and stay on top of daily notes with ease

How to set up Google Analytics integration in the resOS app?

Discover how to set up Google Analytics Integration in the resOS app to gain valuable insights into customer interactions and behaviors. Follow this step-by-step guide to efficiently integrate and leverage Google Analytics for your restaurant system.

How to set up Facebook Pixel integration in the resOS app?

Learn how to establish Facebook Pixel Integration within the resOS app and unlock valuable insights into customer interactions and behaviors. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process to seamlessly integrate and utilize Facebook Pixel to optimize your restaurant system.

How to set up a spam protection feature in the resOS app?

Discover how to setup the spam protection in the resOS app to safeguard your restaurant system from duplicate reservations. Follow this step-by-step guide for efficient spam protection.

How to set up the multiple locations feature?

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to effortlessly set up and use the multi-location feature.

How to set up the custom design app

Learn to tailor your booking page and widget with custom design settings.

How to set up custom fields

Discover the steps to implement and utilize the custom fields feature effectively.

How to setup the restaurant waitlist

Understand the process of initializing the waitlist feature for efficient use.

How to add- and manage tables and areas

This article guides you to set up your tables and areas in the system. Choose the settings that suit you best.

Transaction fees FAQ

Find the answers to the most common questions about transaction fees

How to set up your Stripe account

Activate and set up your Stripe account to be able to charge prepayments and/or no show fees from your guests, as well as to receive online payments from takeaway orders.

Know the maximum length of a single text message

If you exceed the maximum length, the text message will be sent and priced as two (or more) text messages


How to solve VAT number validation issues

How the resOS app store works

Create your own interface by activating and deactivating app's in resOS

What the different booking status colors mean

Green? Red? Grey? Read the support page below and understand the different booking status colors on the floor plan and in the list view on resOS.

How to set up table planner

The visual floor plan lets you handle bookings and tables in an effective way. Here is how to set it up and easily get a complete overview of tables and their status.

How to set up the resOS’ deposit feature

Read about how you can charge a deposit from reservations to minimize no-shows

How to set up the pre-payment feature for restaurants

Charge guests a pre-payment or deposit when they want to book a table. Reduce no-shows and maximize the capacity in your restaurant

Get started with the no-show feature for restaurants

Reduce restaurant reservation no-shows. Get started today!

How to use resOS REST API

Broaden the spectrum of what can be done with resOS booking system with our REST API

The administrative setup in resOS booking system

With this guide we will walk you through the administrative setup of your booking system.

How to upgrade to a bigger plan

Upgrade to a bigger plan to suit the needs of your restaurant in the very best way.

A quick guide to set up your restaurant shop in resOS restaurant system

Dive into the process of establishing your restaurant shop within the resOS platform tailored to your preferences.

How to add products to your takeaway system

Spend more time cooking delicious food and less on managing your system with this quick guide on how to add products.

A quick guide to set up takeaway in resOS restaurant system

Explore the steps to integrate the takeaway system within resOS, aligning with your specific needs.

How to set up different seatings

Add different seatings with different criteria for each seating if you have several services with each their criteria for availability, or need breaks between services.

How to prioritize tables when adding a new booking

Prioritize which areas and tables should be booked first, and fill up the restaurant

How to add the booking widget to your website

Delve into integrating the resOS booking widget on your restaurant's site for enhanced reservation management and guest experience.

How to set up default and special opening hours

Discover the flexibility of our system and change the opening whenever you need it. Personalize your system and improve your customer satisfaction!

How to select tables on a booking

When you have set up your tables, they can easily be added to a booking.

How to set up effective table management

Use table management to effectively turn tables faster and get more bookings. Keep track of tables, bookings and available times.

How to manually accept booking requests and manage tables

Keep things simpler by offering online booking on a per request basis.

How to choose your preferred way of receiving booking notifications

Keep working the way which works best for you, choose your preferred way of receiving booking notifications.

How to add your booking system link on Google

Uncover the method to integrate your resOS booking system directly with Google.

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