Easily handle tables and bookings on all devices

resOS offers a restaurant management system for all devices. It doesn’t matter if your device is operated by iOS or Android. With the app, you can manage resOS’ system, your bookings, and walk-ins on all devices.

Use resOS’ restaurant management system on phones, tablets, and computer

With our restaurant management system for all devices, you can access your resOS system and handle bookings wherever you are. The system is compatible with all computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, running on Android, iOS, macOS, iPad, Windows, and Linux.

Quick and easy access to the system allows you to easier manage all of your bookings. No matter whether you are a busy restaurant or a small cafe – the system can help you create a better customer experience!

Moreover, when using our table management feature, you can access your floor plan and see the tables available so that you could take care not only of reservations but also walk-ins. On top of that, you can easily check which table has been assigned to which reservation and add or change additional details about the booking after receiving a call from a customer. And all of this and much more are now available on your phone or tablet with resOS app!

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Accept table bookings anywhere

You can easily choose to receive bookings by email and SMS and handle them with the resOS app. By downloading the free app you are able to handle bookings on your phone, and accept or decline them wherever you are.

Download resOS app for iOS here.

Download the resOS app for Android here.

If you want to manage your tables and available hours every day, you can use table management. With table management, all bookings are automatically accepted because guests can only book available times, also managed in the resOS’ booking system app. Choose exactly how your restaurant wants to receive bookings and access the system from any device anywhere.

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Your staff can handle bookings from different devices

The system is not tied to your restaurant. You and your staff can have a great overview of everything in the restaurant outside of the restaurant too. With the resOS app, you can access the system and see the bookings you have for the day, week, or month. As a manager, this is a great function to have. In case you leave for a few days, this is the perfect way to make sure that you can still keep track of everything.

You can also connect your account to multiple devices and use it at the same time. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the work stops when there are multiple people who need to use the system at the same time! Moreover, this allows you to work even faster and more efficiently!

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