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Updated 30th May at 18.14 CET

Booking Date Notes feature for restaurant bookings

What are the benefits of the Booking Date Notes feature?

  • Enhanced Communication: Keep staff updated with day-specific information.
  • Event Awareness: Inform the team of special events or circumstances.
  • Streamlined Operations: Centralize vital notes in the booking overview for easy access.
  • User-friendly Interface: Add notes quickly and ensure all details are captured.

What is the Booking Date Notes feature?

In the bustling environment of a restaurant, communication is key. This feature is a tool designed to enhance this communication by allowing restaurants to add specific notes for any given day. 

Whether it’s a special event, a VIP guest, or any other noteworthy detail, this feature ensures that all staff members are informed and prepared.

Read more about ๐Ÿ‘‰ how it works and how to use it here.

Why is this feature important?

Efficient communication: In the restaurant industry, being informed can make all the difference. This feature ensures that all staff members are aware of any special instructions or events for the day, leading to smoother operations and enhanced guest experiences.

Adaptable to your needs: Whether you’re running a small cafรฉ or a large dining establishment, this feature is versatile enough to cater to your specific requirements.

Why do you require this feature?

โœ… Stay organized: Keep track of special events, guest preferences, or any other significant details for any given day.

โœ… Enhance team collaboration: Ensure that you inform and align every team member, from the front-of-house to the kitchen.

โœ… Improve guest experience: Your team can provide an even better dining experience for your customers by preparing and staying informed.

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