GDPR-compliant system

resOS has invested heavily in making sure that we offer a GDPR-compliant restaurant booking system. By using resOS you can do your work, while feeling safe about the privacy of your restaurant guests. Above all, we value privacy for your restaurant and your guests very highly. That is why we want to help you to make sure you live up to the EU regulation for GDPR.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The aim of the regulation is to protect EU citizens from breaches in privacy and data. This is due to the increased influence of data in our ever-growing data-driven world. This has therefore been ensured by strengthening the conditions of consent from users – and in the case of you – your guests.

At resOS, we value both your privacy and your guests’ privacy, and therefore we have made a system that is GDPR-compliant for restaurants. We’ve made it easy for you to make sure you comply with the regulations in your daily work and when handling bookings and data about your guests.

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Storage of personal data

With resOS, you can ensure that your guests’ personal data is stored in a physically and digitally safe environment. We ensure this by storing the data in a fully encrypted platform.

SSL Security and encryption

All systems which are used by resOS run SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure that all communication is secured and encrypted. It is important to have a secured web browser, and we’ve made sure to make this a priority at resOS.

Easily delete user data

Let us know if you have any users that you wish to be permanently removed. As of the introduction of GDPR-regulation this is a requirement, and we can therefore make sure data is removed in the correct way.

The guest’s “the right to be forgotten”

Your guests have “the right to be forgotten”. This means that your guests may require their information to be deleted from your system for instance after making a booking. We will make sure you live up to the guests’ “right to be forgotten”. We will also help you delete the guests’ information completely from your system, on your request.

In some cases, you may have the duty to store information for financial accounting for 5 years. If a guest wants the information to be deleted, but you need the information for financial accounting, we will help you look into whether you can legally store the information or not. We also help you inform the guest about the decision. With resOS, you are in safe hands and we make sure you live up to “the right to be forgotten” and rules of GDPR-compliance.

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Data portability and openness

We believe data portability, transparency, and openness are key foundational concepts in any modern software platform. This also means that we’ve built resOS so that it is 100% ready for importing and exporting data on your request. We believe you and your guests should own your data, and we’d love to ensure this with our platform.

Privacy by design

We’ve designed resOS with privacy as a key component from the beginning. Our system has not been remodeled to “fit GDPR”. This is because we’ve always believed in privacy and therefore our system has been built with privacy as a cornerstone from the get-go.

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