Manage your opening and delivery hours according to your needs

With the resOS takeaway system, you can easily manage your opening and delivery hours by going into the Settings and adding the hours you need. From the resOS panel, it’s easy to change the time of opening and delivery times, to fit your restaurant perfectly. Furthermore, you can make individual opening times for takeaway, shop, and delivery independently. Special occasions such as events can also be edited by creating special opening hours, to help you manage the busiest days.

Settings to manage opening and delivery hours

  • You can have different opening and delivery hours for different periods of every day
  • It is enough to just create opening hours once, as you can use those for the delivery hours as well
  • Create special opening hours for special occasions of the year – special opening hours always override the regular opening hours

Manage your opening times on each day

With the resOS takeaway system, you can manage your opening and delivery hours for different periods every day. For example, Monday takeaway could be available from 4 to 9, and on Tuesday it will be available from 5 to 10. It’s all up to you, and what your restaurant prefers. In the picture below, you can see the user-friendly system, with some examples of opening times.

As you can see in this example, you can choose to create brand new opening hours for your takeaway system, or, if you use resOS for managing your bookings and you have added opening hours before, you can use those here. If you want to use the opening hours from the booking system, you just need to enable them right here. If you want to create new opening hours for the takeaway and shop system, you just need to click the button ”Add new opening hour” and choose how to customize your hours.

resOS takeaway opening hours
resOS opening hours

Opening hours for special events

In many restaurants, special events such as Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving feast are the highlight of the year. On these special nights, maybe your restaurant needs to be open until late in the night or open up early morning. To make this easier for you as a restaurant owner, the resOS system allows you to make special opening times for individual days. This can be done with only a few clicks, from the resOS panel, just by adding these events as special opening hours.

You can add as many special opening hours as you want, but, just remember, these special opening hours override the regular opening hours. As shown in the picture below, you can change the time, and date, and set max orders for your restaurant. Furthermore, decide if you want multiple days in a row or just a single date for that specific opening time. You may also choose to ”close” the delivery for a certain period of time, or for a single day, if you decide to take a break or if something came up. Also, all these settings offered by the special opening hours can be applied to the entire restaurant, or just to some areas.

resOS menu
resOS menu

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