Communicate with guests to avoid misunderstandings and reduce no-shows

Why should you communicate with your guests?

  • Write directly to the guests and answer questions they may have
  • Chat with guests and make sure they get a positive view of your restaurant before the visit
  • Make it easier for guests to inform you about changes to the booking
  • Avoid a lot of phone calls to the restaurant and allow staff to focus on the service
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Communicate with guests before their visit

A very important area for your business is communication with the guests. Having a clear communication system will help you avoid any misunderstandings with the guests, improve their satisfaction, and it will help reduce no-shows.

Communication with guest and the restaurant
Communicate directly with your guests

Our communication system makes it easy for you to be in contact with the guests before they visit your restaurant. Before the visit, your guests can make requests about seating by the window or dietary and allergies. When you answer them directly, it gives them a better experience of your restaurant and what they can expect.

“Is it possible to sit by the window? Or to get a flag on the table?” – Communicate quickly and easily with the guest

In resOS’ booking system, you can write directly to the guests and answer their questions. Chat with them and make sure they get a positive view of your restaurant before the visit. 

Improve your guests’ satisfaction

By communicating with the guests before their visit, you have made a great foundation for a satisfied guest. This can be very important because a satisfied guest is likely to return for a second visit. If a guest is satisfied with their visit, they are also more likely to spread the good word about your great restaurant to their family and friends. This helps you increase the likelihood of more bookings and more future guests.

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Let guests cancel easily

The truth is that 17% of all bookings end without the guests showing up. If you make it super easy to cancel, the guests will feel more secure with their choice. If they end up canceling the booking rather than just not showing up, your restaurant can accept a new booking instead.

Read also about how you can prevent no-shows at your restaurant.

Do you have any questions regarding our communication system? Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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