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Booking Confirmation

Benefits of the booking confirmation feature

  • Reduced no-shows: Fewer last-minute cancellations.
  • Improved accuracy: Real-time booking confirmations.
  • Flexible management: Manual or automatic booking control.
  • Better experience: Simple, guest-friendly confirmation.

Confirm bookings, reduce no-shows

The Booking Confirmation feature empowers restaurants to reduce no-shows by ensuring that guests re-confirm their reservations. As the reservation date approaches, the system will automatically change the status of bookings from “Accepted” to “Pending Confirmation” allowing you to follow up manually or let the system cancel unconfirmed reservations automatically. This feature helps keep your booking schedule accurate and reliable while avoiding no-shows.

Booking confirmation feature

Flexible handling options

You have complete control over how to handle booking confirmations:

Manual handling: Follow up directly with guests who have not confirmed, offering them the personal touch.

Automatic cancellation: Automatically cancel reservations that are not re-confirmed within a specific timeframe.

👉 Read our support guide How to set up booking confirmation in the resOS app

Set the re-confirmation timing

The feature allows you to specify when guests receive their re-confirmation message. Choose a suitable timeframe, like 1 day before their booking date, to give them plenty of time to respond and ensure your tables remain booked.

Manage and monitor confirmations

View pending confirmations: Filter your bookings by “Pending Confirmation” to focus your follow-ups and maintain a well-managed schedule.

Manage cancelled bookings: Quickly identify which reservations were automatically cancelled due to non-confirmation, giving you a chance to reach out and offer re-booking options.

Seamless guest communication

To ensure guests receive confirmation prompts, keep contact details up-to-date and use automated reminders and push notifications for maximum visibility.

The Booking Confirmation feature optimizes your guests’ experience, providing them with a simple way to confirm their reservation. This guarantees that your tables are filled by guests eager to enjoy their dining experience, reducing no-shows and improving your operational efficiency.

Ready to improve your booking process with the Booking Confirmation feature? Reach out to our team through the app or contact us at [email protected] to get started today.