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Updated 30th May at 18.14 CET

How to set up the Booking confirmation feature

The Booking Confirmation feature is essential for restaurants looking to reduce no-shows by prompting guests to re-confirm their reservations as the booking date approaches. This ensures a more accurate and reliable booking schedule. 

You can configure the system to automatically change the status of bookings from “Accepted” to “Pending Confirmation” with options for manual follow-up or automatic cancellation of unconfirmed bookings within a specified timeframe.

Read more about the Booking confirmation feature 👉 here

Enabling the Booking Confirmation

To activate the Booking Confirmation feature and customise its settings, follow these steps:

Step 1: Activate Booking confirmation feature

  • Open resOS app and navigate to the App’s menu.
  • Find Confirmation app from the list of features and activate it by clicking on the green button.
Step 1.1: Activate Booking confirmation feature
Step 1.2: Activate Booking confirmation feature

Step 2: Configure the confirmation settings

  • Click on booking confirmation feature to access its settings.
  • Specify when you want the reminder to be sent. 

For example, you can set it to be sent 1 day before the booking time.

Tip: Adjust the timing based on your typical guest behaviour and booking patterns.

Step 3: Define the confirmation deadline

  • Under the confirmation section, set the time frame within which guests must confirm their bookings.

💡For instance, set the confirmation deadline to 5 hours before the booking time. This means guests must confirm their reservation at least 5 hours before their scheduled arrival.

Note: Setting a deadline too close to the booking time might not give you enough time to manage unconfirmed bookings effectively.

Step 4: Enable automatic cancellation

To minimize disruptions caused by no-shows, you can enable automatic cancellation of unconfirmed bookings. This setting will automatically free up the reservation slot if a guest does not confirm by the deadline.

Monitoring and adjusting the feature

Viewing pending confirmations

  • Go to the Bookings Dashboard.
  • Use filters or sorting options to view bookings marked as “Pending Confirmation”.

Managing automatically cancelled bookings

  • Check the Cancelled Bookings section to see which reservations were auto-cancelled due to non-confirmation.
  • Optionally, contact these guests to offer re-booking opportunities.


Q: What if a guest re-confirms their booking after it has been automatically cancelled?

A: You can manually reinstate the booking if possible, or advise the guest to make a new reservation through the app.

Q: How can I ensure that guests receive the confirmation request?

A: Verify that the contact details for each guest are up-to-date in the system. Additionally, consider sending reminders or enabling push notifications for added visibility.


For more detailed assistance with configuring the Booking Confirmation App, or if you encounter any issues, please contact our support team through the app or at [email protected]. Our team is ready to help you streamline your booking process and effectively reduce no-shows.