Cheapest SMS prices on the market

We want to make it as easy and cheap as possible for all restaurants to implement modern restaurant software. Therefore, we offer the cheapest SMS message prices on the market at only USD $0.0099 per message sent to a US mobile phone.

Price details per country

The price of a SMS message depends on, which country it is sent to and which carrier in that country operates the phone number. See pricing per country and carrier below.


Carrier Price/message

The maximum length of SMS messages

As the maximum length of a single message sent via the SMS format is 160 charaters (less if it includes special charaters), please note that if a message is above 160 charaters it will actually be sent and priced as multiple messages. The message will still be displayed as one message on the receiving phone. We always try to keep the messages short, but it is not always possible to keep them below 160 charaters, e.g. if the restaurants and guests name and information is too long.