With resOS you get a restaurant reservation system for table management so you can easily keep track of your tables, available times, and areas in the restaurant. Prioritize which tables to book first and what times are available so guests get the most out of their visit.

With resOS' restaurant reservation app, you can

  • Easily keep track of your available tables, times and the tables’ time intervals
  • Prevent no-shows
  • Require pre-payments and table booking deposits
  • Ensure that guests book your available tables only
  • Effectively turn the tables faster and get more bookings
  • Easily manage your areas of the restaurant and close off areas for parties
  • Ensure high guest satisfaction by allowing guests to book your best tables first

Turn tables faster and get more guests

When you use effective table management through resOS, you track which tables are available. When a guest wants to book a table, the guest only sees available times for the tables you have registered as available. With table management, you can manage the amount of time your tables are available. Also, you can manage how long the table is booked so that more guests can book a spot in your restaurant. If a guest finishes ahead of time, you simply complete the booking so that the table is available again and new guests can book.

Manage and combine your available tables

We have developed a restaurant system for table management that is simple and easy to access. You can register all your tables in the system and make the tables combinable with each other. If you no longer have an available four-spot table and a guest is booking for four people. The system combines two two-spot tables that you have already registered as combinable. This way no bookings will be lost and you will always have control over which tables are available and which tables are booked.

manage tables and combine your available ones
Create new tables and combine them

Let guests book your best tables first

With table management, you can give each table a priority. Tables with priority 10 will be booked before tables with a priority of 1-9. That way, your best tables will be booked first. This will give guests the best experience. Do you have the most beautiful view of the water? Or is there the least noise at the back of the restaurant? Make sure that these tables have top priority.

You can read about our other cool features here. If you have any questions about table management, please do not hesitate to contact our nice support at [email protected]. We are ready to help you.

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