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Karaoke restaurants

Make sure you're spending time on more important things than keeping track of all your bookings all the time!

Do you run a karaoke restaurant or a karaoke bar? And are you in need of a simple booking system? Then look no further! resOS fits the needs of all kinds of different restaurants. The system will make it simple and easy for you to handle reservations, tables, guest feedback, communication with guests, and much more. Let resOS take care of the technical part while you focus on servicing delicious food and keeping the entertainment top class! Read this article for more info about how to use the booking system for karaoke restaurants.

booking system for karaoke restaurants
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Running a karaoke restaurant can be a bit hectic. You have to make sure that your guests are happy and entertained, and keep the food delicious and keep the drinks coming! At the same time, your guests might have table reservations that you need to manage. resOS gives you the flexibility of choosing how you want to handle reservations. Do you prefer to handle them manually or automatically? Also, do you prefer working with a booking calendar, or are you into a more advanced visual table planner? resOS have both, which makes it a highly functioning booking system for karaoke restaurants. See the picture below for an example of the visual table planner.

Read more here about resOS’ visual table planner.

booking system for karaoke restaurants
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Enjoy a simple overview and focus on serving your guests tasty food!

With resOS, you choose how to operate the system. If you want it completely automatic, then resOS will do all the work for you. The system also allows you to set limitations for how many bookings or guests you want to receive in a certain time frame and/or interval.

Do you often experience no-shows at your karaoke restaurant or bar? No-shows can have big consequences for restaurants and bars as it means empty tables. Use resOS no-show feature to be warned about potential no-shows and minimize them. In that way, you can be sure that your tables won’t be empty and keep the party rocking!

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booking system for karaoke restaurants
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With resOS’ booking system for karaoke restaurants, you can: 

If you have any questions or need help setting up the system, our amazing support team at [email protected] will gladly help you get started today.

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