resOS has created the most simple booking system possible for restaurants. Based on the knowledge that 90% of guests want to book a table online, and 35% choose another restaurant if they can’t, resOS seeks to welcome both the guests need to book a table online and the restaurant’s need to get and accept new reservations.

By offering a simple booking system resOS makes it possible for guests to book a table online, but the restaurant do not have to manage the bookings in a complicated online booking system. You can simply get and accept new reservations by SMS, email or an automatic phone call (or online, if you want, but you don’t have to).

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Get booking notifications the way that suits you the best

With resOS’ booking system, you make it possible for guests to book online while receiving booking notifications in the way that suits you the best in your daily work. Even though we offer an entire system to manage all your bookings from a computer or tablet, it is no required that you handle the bookings online. We have made it possible for you to offer online booking to your guests without having to deal with a complicated booking system.

How do you get notified when a reservation is made?

  1. When a guest presses Book a Table, you get an email, SMS or an automatic phone call.
  2. Accept or decline a reservation directly by email, SMS, phone or in the online system.
  3. You can always login to your resOS profile and get an overview of the reservations.

How to get started

Are you ready to receive more bookings? Register for free at resOS. It is free of charge and credit card is not required. We also help you set up online reservation on your website, Facebook page or Google My Business. Follow our simple guides and you're ready to receive more guests.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Our sweet support is always ready to help you.

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