5 examples to inspire your restaurant’s first Instagram post

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Your restaurant’s first post on Instagram counts. It will tell your customers what they can expect from you, how you can fulfill their needs, and what makes you so special. It will set the stage for your brand identity, so planning and thinking about it carefully is crucial!

Here’s some statistics for you:

  • 2.4 billion people use Instagram — that number may rise to 2.5 billion by the end of 2024, reports say
  • 500 million people log in every single day — that’s 350k people every minute!
  • On average, people spend about 24 minutes every day on the app

If you’re reading this, it means you want to grow your restaurant on Instagram. And it all starts with your first post.

We’ll go through some guidelines and ideas to help you brainstorm. At the end, we’ll also share some of our clients’ first posts to inspire you. 

Ready? Set. GO!

Your restaurant’s opening day

The excitement before opening a new establishment is indescribable. You’re giddy, wanting to know what your customers think of all you have built. Your customers are also curious about what you have to offer.

Your first post on Instagram might just be the perfect way to introduce yourself!

The visual aspect of your restaurant will be king on Instagram. Engaging captions will be the queen. Use them to your advantage and showcase your restaurant’s unique personality.

The best part? Your grand opening will be so enticing, your customers won’t want to miss a thing. 

Consider establishing a booking management system, so they can book a seat directly from your restaurant’s Instagram profile. You focus on your restaurant’s final details and less on answering customer’s calls and messages. Win-win!

resOS booking system CTA

While you’re at it, why not promote your restaurant on Facebook too?

Never forget these essential elements

Your restaurant’s first Instagram post, like any other, should take into consideration these pieces of the puzzle:

  1. Captivating visuals
  2. Interesting captions
  3. Relevant hashtags
  4. Consistency
  5. Check your competitors

Captivating visuals

Instagram is a visual platform. No doubt about it.

Instagram captivating visuals for restaurants

When you access the app, you see images. These need to capture your customers’ attention or you’ll get lost in their feed. Make sure your photos:

  • Capture your restaurant’s brand identity
  • Show what makes you special (your unique selling point — more on that later)
  • Offer a glimpse into your business’ experience
  • Have top-notch quality

If you have the budget, hire a photographer to take a few pictures and videos. The investment might be worth the effort.

Leverage your captions

Yes, Instagram is a visual platform, but it doesn’t mean your followers don’t want to read what you have to say.

The good news? You have several different options: there isn’t a one-size fits all solution!

Here are some ideas on what to write about!

Your restaurant’s story

How did you get here? What was your inspiration? Why did you decide to open a restaurant?

By answering these questions, your restaurant’s brand becomes human and more relatable. We all love good stories.

Make sure you don’t forget to add a bit of turmoil, as any good hero needs a worthy opponent. Don’t forget to strap your success to your customer’s success! Coming to your restaurant means becoming a hero too!

💡 For example, if you own a vegan restaurant, a customer is fighting animal cruelty by just choosing you over any other person.

Your restaurant can also support local charities or reduce food waste by donating leftovers to local NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

Your customers will cherish your honesty and authenticity. It’s especially true if your values align with theirs. Open communication and genuine connection is the key to solid customer loyalty.

Your unique selling point 

What makes your restaurant special? Why should a customer choose you over a competitor? Why is your restaurant unique?

By answering these questions, your restaurant becomes a solution: a solution to your customers’ problems.

Perhaps, you own a laid-back bar, your guest’s perfect refuge after a day’s work. Or maybe you offer an Italian specialty, the best in town! You might instead give your customers the night of their lives. Whatever it is, highlight it in your first post.

Read more about how to craft your Unique Selling Point.

Gather your social proof

  • How long have you been around? 
  • How many customers have you served? 
  • How many meals?

By answering these questions, your restaurant becomes trustworthy.

People are always afraid of the unknown. You need to appease their fears and turn the spell on them. Show that others have been in their shoes and came out better for willing to try your restaurant out. UGC (user-generated content) is your best friend here.

Exclusive previews

If a restaurant is new, or hasn’t opened yet, tease with a closed curtain shot, or an empty restaurant, no people, no furniture, just as you bought the space.

Announce that you will be sharing for one month different tips, tricks and fun facts.

Be a tease 😉

Relevant hashtags

Hashtags are like Instagram’s keywords. Users search them to find new accounts, information and overall aesthetics.

Think of what your customer is looking for and adapt your hashtags to their needs. Remember: you are not writing for yourself, you are writing for your potential guests.

💡 Imagine you own a vegan restaurant. You can use a free tool like Toolzu — an Instagram hashtag generator.

To generate Instagram hashtags, simply inset a keyword – like “vegan restaurant” -, a URL or a photo. Then, just wait and see.

hashtag Instagram generator vegan restaurant
hashtag Instagram list vegan restaurant

Toolzu shows you how high your restaurant’s Instagram competition is: low, medium and high. Try to strike a balance between these. 

If you only add high volume hashtags, your customers likely won’t find you. If you only pick low volume hashtags, your target audience can be very reduced.

You’ll need to filter these hashtags, as many of them won’t be useful. To help, check Instagram’s very own search engine. If your content fits in, amazing!

💡 For example, you can search #veganbowls, in case you want to share a yummy meal as your Instagram debut.

vegan bowls hashtag Instagram feed

Try it with all the hashtags you want to add and you’ll have a better chance of being found by your potential customers!

Consistency is key

Posting consistent great content is the way to grow your followers, get more customers and table reservations. Having a sound social media strategy can put you on the map too, so don’t underestimate its power!

Keep those posts flowing! Don’t stop at your first post!

Check your competition

Follow content creators, influencers and other establishments in your niche. What are they posting? What is working? What is not working? These be an inspiration and guide you in the right direction.

Jot down some ideas on captions, visuals and hashtags and brainstorm with your team some more!

5 Examples to inspire you

Meet our clients with a lasting presence on Instagram, but they started exactly like you – with an empty feed. These are their first posts to inspire you.


Spritz took to Instagram to introduce themselves. Luna, the Italian restaurant’s owner, talks about her inspiration, her hobbies and roots. All with a spice of humor!

spritz restaurant first Instagram post

Rolling Cheese

Rolling Cheese is proof that you don’t have to be serious all the time. On their debut on Instagram, they show their hard work brightened by a contagious smile. It makes customers sit on the edge of their seats. Notice also their bilingual caption, capturing all of their target audience!

rolling cheese restaurant first instagram post


Erimitis sets the mood with an aesthetic photo and a dash of humor. You know you’ll get a luxurious experience and friendly hosts.

Django’s Smokehouse

Django’s Smokehouse is straight-forward: logo, USP and website. Sometimes, simple is best.

django's smokehouse restaurant first instagram post

VGN Boulevard

Before their launch, VGN Boulevard took to Instagram to share their values: veganism, cruelty-free cuisine and a culture of hard work. In the comments, curious customers were asking for its opening day.

vgn boulevard restaurant first instagram post

Instagram Stories at your service

You’re now ready to create your restaurant’s first Instagram post. But, you don’t need to wait to post your first post to start posting! Wow, a lot of “posts” I wasn’t supost to write (ah!). 

Anyways, Instagram Stories can connect you to your followers before you launch your restaurant, your new menu or your first post!

Use this app feature to your advantage and you’ll see engagement and restaurant loyalty soar.

Enjoy the process

Above all, have fun! 

Don’t stress too much about engagement, number of followers or likes. Share your infectious passion for your restaurant and your customers will flock to you. 

Be vulnerable and make mistakes too. It’s part of the process! You’ll learn from them and grow your brand even more on Instagram. 

Before you know it, you’ll be complaining about the amount of messages and calls you get! You’ll need your very own table reservation system and we’ve got you covered 😉

CTA resOS booking system