“resOS stood out to be more stable and easy to understand. I was surprised that the price was better than other competitors as well!”

— Georgios Owner of Basilico

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Reservations & Table Management

A restaurant booking system is the backbone of any restaurant that accepts table reservations. Choose a flexible restaurant system that is easy to use, fast and stable. No commission and free up to 25 bookings per month.

Manage seats and tables with a visual table planner

The visual table planner will give you a clear overview of tables and their occupancy.

Improve your daily routines and keep track of reservations and quickly allocate tables to incoming guests.

See available, reserved, and occupied tables at a glance with a smart color code.


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Manage seats and tables with <strong>a visual table planner</strong>
<strong>Get more bookings</strong> with 'Reserve with Google'

Get more bookings with 'Reserve with Google'

Offer your guests a fast and easy way to serve a table at your restaurant when they find you on Google.

Reserve with Google gives guests convenient access to booking a table directly via your Google Business profile.

Experience an increase in table reservations and happy customers without any extra charge.

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Efficiently book in your guests with automatic customer profiles

Give your guests a better experience by keeping track of their profiles in the customer database.

The guest information is matched with existing customer profiles and associated with previous bookings every time a new booking is created.

Add different tags and comments to keep track of your regulars, VIPs, etc., to provide the best possible service.

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Efficiently book in your guests with <strong>automatic customer profiles</strong>
<strong>Communicate with guests</strong> to avoid misunderstandings and reduce no-shows

Communicate with guests to avoid misunderstandings and reduce no-shows

Chat with your guests directly on the platform before their visit.

Avoid any misunderstandings with the guests, improve their satisfaction, and reduce no-shows.

Write messages directly to the guests and allow the guests to easily write to you if they have any requests or questions.

❯ How to easily communicate with guests

Require prepayments or charge no-show fees

Limit no-shows by requiring prepayments when people book a table or charge no-show fees later if people don’t show up.

Use on specific dates, times of day, or always. Define a cancellation policy for automated refunds and charges.

No commission or extra fees, you only pay the standard Stripe transaction fees!

❯ How to limit no-shows with payments
Require <strong>prepayments</strong> or charge <strong>no-show fees</strong>
Send your guests <strong>booking reminders on SMS and Email</strong>

Send your guests booking reminders on SMS and Email

Send your guests table booking reminders via SMS and Email.

Booking reminders will help to increase your restaurant’s revenue and minimize the number of no-shows.

The reminders are sent out as a notification at a specific time before the scheduled booking. Decide how many times- and when exactly they are sent!

❯ More about booking reminders

Look up bookings with the in-app search function

Use the in-app search function to easily look up the information you need about your bookings and guests.

Seat your guests by easily searching for customers, bookings, and orders using names, emails, and phone numbers to locate the needed information.

❯ Easily find what you are looking for
Look up bookings with the <strong>in-app search function</strong>
Easily manage bookings and walk-ins with a <strong>booking schedule</strong>

Easily manage bookings and walk-ins with a booking schedule

Get a fast and easy visual overview of all bookings, their status, and where the guests should be seated.

The scheduling system allows you to follow a chronological order of reservations you have on a particular day.


Give a great first impression with a table booking form guests love

Designed to make it as fast and easy as possible to book a table, your resOS table booking form will make sure no guest is lost in the process.

Implement it as a widget on your website or simply link to your personal booking page subdomain.

Give a <strong>great first impression</strong> with a table booking form guests love
Collect <strong>guest feedback</strong> and get better online reviews

Collect guest feedback and get better online reviews

To improve your restaurant and avoid bad online reviews, automatically ask your guests for feedback shortly after they have left your restaurant.

After answering “Would you recommend the restaurant to a friend?”, guests can give detailed feedback by rating their experience and writing additional feedback.

If the feedback is positive, the system asks them to also write a review on one of your social media platforms.

❯ More about getting feedback from guests

Manage your bookings in your preferred language

Easily manage your bookings and handle tables in your native language no matter where in the world your restaurant is located.

The booking page can be translated into your guest’s native language. This will make them feel more comfortable when booking a table at your restaurant.

❯ Read about supporting multiple languages
Manage your bookings in <strong>your preferred language</strong>

“We chose resOS based on the platform's ease of use, appearance and price. It has been super easy to train our servers in using the system.”

— Bjarne Lastein Owner of The Blue Train

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Online takeaway orders

Increase your revenue and pay no commission using the resOS restaurant takeaway ordering system. Easy to set up and use. Free up to 20 orders per month.

Easy <strong>online takeaway</strong> ordering

Easy online takeaway ordering

Offer takeaway in an elegant and guest-friendly way. resOS’ modern takeaway system allows you to sell takeaway online with no commission, for pickup or delivery.

Get paid up-front, at the restaurant, or on delivery, with no commission!

Get the markets lowest online payment fees and daily payouts

Powered by Stripe and fully controlled by you. Accept online payments with all major credit cards, wallets and direct bank transfers.

No commision or extra fees, you only pay the standard Stripe transaction fees!

Start receiving payments in 10 minutes and get daily payouts.

Get the <strong>markets lowest online payment fees</strong> and daily payouts
<b>Keep orders flowing</b> to earn more

Keep orders flowing to earn more

See your orders and change their status depending on their progress, and filter them to get a clear overview of what to do next.

Change your delivery and pickup time throughout the day with two clicks, and define how many orders your kitchen can handle per day or time interval.

Let your guests track their orders

Avoid misunderstandings by providing your guests with a fast and user-friendly order overview, that automatically updates when you change the status of their order.

Everything is of course optimized for mobile.

Let your guests <strong>track their orders</strong>
Get feedback and <strong>better online reviews</strong> automatically

Get feedback and better online reviews automatically

Improve your takeaway experience and avoid bad online reviews by automatically asking your guests for feedback.

After answering “Would you recommend the restaurant to a fiend?”, guests can rate their experience and write additional feedback.

If the feedback is positive, the system asks them to also write a review on one of your social media profiles.

“I just set this up yesterday, a brilliant system, so glad I found it. Orders already coming in overnight!”

— Sarah Heath Marketing & Business Development Coordinator at The Royal Oak

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Work faster with the resOS restaurant booking system, table planner and takeaway app for iOS and Android

resOS works great in the browser for handling table reservations and takeaway orders, but for your mobile and tablet try our full featured apps for iPhone, iPad and Android tablets and phones.

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