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resOS’ restaurant reservation system will be your best and most loyal friend when it comes to managing your restaurant and table reservations. The system is developed to be as modern, user-friendly, and flexible as possible in order to assist you in your daily operations. resOS is an online booking system that works for all kinds of restaurants and eateries, regardless of size, who are looking to improve and streamline their daily operations.

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Why should you choose resOS to be your loyal restaurant reservation system?

resOS’ online restaurant reservation system and table planner was developed to offer restaurants a modern, intuitive, flexible, and affordable reservation system, that simply included all the necessary features without costing a fortune. All plans includes all features, so regardless of what plan you choose, you wont miss out on any of the cool features.

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Great features with great flexibility!

Here is an overview of some of the most essential features you would need to run a smooth and efficient management of reservations, tables and available times.

Visual table planner

Visual table planner

Get a clear overview of your tables and their occupancy in real-time with a visual table planner. See available, reserved, and occupied tables at a glance with smart color codes, and make it fast and easy to allocate incoming guests.

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Restaurant waitlist

Restaurant waitlist

Increase efficiency and avoid crowded waiting lines with a restaurant waitlist. Allow guests to add themselves to the waitlist via the booking flow if there is no available table for them. Notify the guest automatically when a table is available.

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Reduce no-shows

Reduce no-shows

Reduce the number of no-shows with a no-show management feature that warns you about bad guests. This feature requires guests to add their credit card so that you can charge them if they don’t show up for their reservation. Guests that were previously a no-show will be flagged as a ‘bad guest’.

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Deposits & prepayments

Deposits & prepayments

Reduce no-shows by charging a prepayment when your guests make a reservation. This feature can also be used for requiring a deposit for an event hosted at your restaurant. Define the criteria for when and how you want to charge a prepayment. 

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Table management

Table management

Use table management to track your available tables and times, and turn tables faster so more guests can book a table at your restaurant. This feature will also help you ensure that guests book your available tables only and save tables for walk-ins.

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Build-in communication

Build-in communication

Communicate with your guests to meet their needs and requests. Be in contact with your guests before they visit your restaurant and minimize the chance of no-show. Allow guests to make requests about seatings, changes, or to inform about allergies. 

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Google reservations

Google reservations

Offer your guests a fast and easy way to book a table when they find you on Google. Reserve with Google gives guests convenient access to booking a table directly via your Google Business profile. Experience an increase in table reservations and happy customers without any extra charge.

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Automatic customer profiles

Automatic customer profiles

Collect valuable data about your guests and their previous bookings with automatic customer profiles. Book your guests faster, and give them the best experience by already having valuable information about their previous visit, preferences, favorite dishes, allergens, and more. 

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Seatings with custom limits

Seatings with custom limits

Define default and special settings per day, date or time to optimize the flow of guests and get more bookings. Avoid an overcrowded restaurant with many guests coming in at the same time. Strategically avoid empty tables before and after the most popular time-frame.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a restaurant booking system?

A restaurant booking system is a software that makes it easier for restaurants to manage bookings, tables, no-shows, pre-payments and much more. Guests can book a table online directly on your website and Google, fast and easy.

What is the cost of an online restaurant booking system?

resOS offers a free plan that costs nothing. This plan works great for small restaurants or those who want to try out the system to see if it's a match. To keep prices fair for both small and large restaurants, we also offer paid plans that we charge based on the total number of bookings.

Does the online booking system work in my country?

resOS works all over the world, including SMS and phone notifications. Our booking form has been translated for many different languages. Please let us know if you are looking for another language.

What booking system features are most important to use?

What features you use depends on the restaurants needs and requirements. resOS offers the flexibility to choose between manual and automatic booking management. You will also get access to cool features such as table planner, waitlist, no-show management, prepayment, automatic customer profiles and more.

What is the best manual restaurant reservation system?

With resOS, you can choose to manually manage online reservations and tables. You can also choose fully automatic options or a mix of manual and automatic booking- and table management.

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