Case Story

ICC Culinary

ICC Culinary isn’t an ordinary restaurant. It’s a hub of learning, development and, of course, top-notch cuisine. 

The student-ran kitchen operates intermittently throughout the year and offers upscale lunches and dinners with themes that change each semester.

The cuisine school uses resOS for its educational purposes and it’s where customers book their tables. They enter the restaurant knowing all food and service are provided by students actively learning.

However, this doesn’t stop them from coming; instead, they keep returning for the complete dining service experience, a testament to the restaurant’s service quality, efficiency and friendliness.

Octopus gourmet salad

Culinary school restaurant challenges

ICC Culinary, as a unique establishment, faces unique obstacles. 

First, it’s only open once a week for 16 days a year. The restaurant is only one of the many ways students learn and staff invests their time in educating them, rather than answering guests’ calls and managing bookings.

Second, being a very popular dining option in the Peoria Area comes with a drawback. Waitlisted guests pile up and efficiently handling no-shows becomes a priority.

Third, the restaurant aims to ensure that students learn without feeling overwhelmed, requiring careful management of the number of guests.

ICC Culinary found its solution in resOS with:

  1. Efficient reservation management
  2. Guest communication
  3. Affordable online experience
  4. Exceptional customer service
Gourmet salad ICC culinary

Efficient reservation management

Efficiency is at the heart of resOS’ reservation management system, allowing ICC Culinary to:

The flexibility of resOS is helpful in setting up limited table availability. It also allows us the option to make sure we don’t overbook and overwhelm the students.

Keith Shank, Professor of Culinary Arts
baked gourmet croissants

Guest communication

Talking to guests before their booking and managing no-shows helped ICC Culinary on their learning curve. There is something special about seamlessly substituting guests from a waitlist whenever another one can’t make it.

This not only aids with guest flow, but also deepens the relationship between employer and guests. Moreover, students feel that the school has their back.

We can easily communicate with guests before the event and substitute guests from a waitlist when there is a no-show.

Keith Shank, Professor of Culinary Arts
octopus cheese gourmet salad

Affordable online experience

Pricing is everything for ICC Culinary, being a non-profit culinary school. They’re only open a few days each year, so going all-in on a booking system wasn’t in their best interest. 

In its commitment to education, resOS helps restaurants like ICC Culinary thrive with its affordable pricing for restaurants of all sizes. After all, the next generation of chefs, sauciers and patissiers is just around the corner.

The most important feature for us is an affordable online experience, since we are a non-profit culinary school with limited days we’re open for service.

Keith Shank, Professor of Culinary Arts
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Exceptional customer service

The user-friendly interface, easy guest communication and stellar management software would be nothing without the exceptional customer support – the friendliest in the industry. 

Granted, ICC Culinary set up its own account without reaching resOS. It was just that easy. When they needed help, though, resOS had their back.

Customer service has been top-notch as well. I didn’t need any customer service regarding the usage of the software – it was very self explanatory.

Keith Shank, Professor of Culinary Arts
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Join the resOS family

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