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Sushi restaurants

Through a professional, simple and intuitive booking system you get more time for your guests and making delicious food

Who said sushi? Oh, we did. Sushi has in the past years become a favorite among a lot of people, which means more bookings for sushi restaurants. And what better way to manage all that than to get the markets most flexible and user-friendly booking system for sushi restaurants – resOS!

Lots of bookings mean lots of administration. We believe in making that as smooth as possible so that you can focus on what’s important – creating fantastic sushi for your hungry guests. In order to easily handle a large number of guests, we made resOS simple and intuitive to use.

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Manage bookings and walk-ins easily

We know that not everyone makes a booking before showing up at the restaurant, which is also okay. We also know, that using one system for everything makes the employee’s life much easier. That is why with resOS, you can easily manage your online bookings, your tables, and register walk-ins and the table you give those guests.

Communicate with your guests and receive their feedback

With resOS, you can communicate with your guests – both before and after their visit. Guests can let you know if they have any special requests and you can easily answer them. Being able to communicate with your customers allows you to stay on top of your game. After their visit, a request for feedback is sent out, meaning that if something was not perfect, you get a chance to catch it and fix it, before the word spreads.

Read more here about receiving feedback from your guests after their visit

Questions for reviewing a visit

Fantastic features for your sushi restaurant

There are tons of features and settings and everything is designed with your restaurant in mind. We focus on the system so that you can focus on what matters – the guests and the amazing sushi. Further features with resOS include:

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