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6 tips for taking reservations at a golf course restaurant

Reach out to even more guests who want to enjoy the beautiful view over the golf course from your restaurant while providing excellent service for them.

Taking online reservations is key for any restaurant nowadays. Especially for a golf course restaurant, which has a special clientele, and isn’t located in the city center where people easily spot the restaurant and walk in. Investing in a good working and effective booking system is therefore highly important. That’s why we have collected some tips to help you get started with taking reservations at your golf course restaurant.

1. Find the perfect booking system

A booking software that helps you reach out to more guests, and which allows you to communicate with them is essential in todays digital era. Especially for a golf course restaurant, which has a special clientele, so attracting non-golf players can increase traffic significantly. Therefore, resOS’ booking system for golf course restaurants can give you access to all the features you need to manage your bookings.

Golf course with mountains in the background.
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We are in a busy restaurant so its important that the employees can navigate around in the system fast and easily”.

Restaurant owner Sevag Aharounian, Sevag´s Grækeren.

2. How to increase your chances of receiving more bookings?

In the first instance, one might think that the golf course restaurant is only there for the golf players. But why not exploit the opportunity to attract people even outside the course? Because who wouldn’t want to enjoy a delicious lunch while looking out over the green grass fields?

By adding a booking link on your Facebook page, Google, and your website, you will increase the likelihood of reaching out to all types of guests, even the non-golf-playing ones. We will help you to set up the booking system fast and easy. Without any complicated integration.

reserve with google
resOS’s integration on Google

3. Communicate your offerings

Operating next to a golf course gives plenty of opportunities to offer different services throughout the day. Why not charm the early birds with a delicious breakfast before they head out to the course? To then offer à la carte for the lunch guests with a little more time at hand? resOS allows you to add all these different criteria to your opening hours so that the customer knows exactly what to expect from you at different times.

Screenshot of the opening hours overview in resOS's booking system.
Opening hours overview

Does your restaurant host events or offer catering? resOS got you covered! With our booking system, it is possible to manage staff parties, birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, or whatever party you would like. Only the imagination limits what can be done.

resOS booking communication

Read more about how to manage bigger parties with resOS here.

4. Decide the type of your golf course restaurant

As for any other restaurant, it is also important for a golf course restaurant to decide which brand it should have. Probably a fine dining restaurant is what first comes to people’s mind when thinking of a golf course restaurant, but there are many other options that can work. A casual restaurant for families, a pub style, or a grab ‘n’ go can all be implemented at a golf course. Whatever style you go for, important is to be authentic and create an atmosphere which attracts guests from the golf course and outside as well.

5. Invest in restaurant technology to increase productivity

Restaurant technology solutions are becoming more and more popular these days and investing in some of them can definitely increase productivity and make getting reservations easier. Digital kitchen display screens, for instance, allow kitchen staff to immediately see new incoming orders and the preparation of meals can be done faster.

A kitchen display screen placed in a restaurant's kitchen.
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Another useful technology is to have guest data for a more personalized experience. Usually, a golf course has an installed customer base, so having the data of these regular guests lets you know about their preferences when dining at your restaurant.

Read more about resOS’ automatic customer profiles here automatic customer profiles

6. Create the perfect golf course restaurant menu

The menu and food served at your restaurant strongly depends on the restaurant type of course. Although, as mostly sportspeople will eat at your place, nutrition and healthy food is key for them to stay fit and deliver their best on the golf course. Therefore, protein, whole-grain-, and low-carbohydrate foods are essential after an exhausting golf session. Furthermore, hydration is also key to maintain the sufficient energy levels during and after the game.

Healthy food served on 3 plates: beans, tomatoes, salmon, cuscus, and other vegetables.
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With resOS’ booking system for golf course restaurants, you can:

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