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Brunch café

Through a professional, simple and intuitive booking system you get more time for your guests and making delicious food

How can you stay on top of all the bookings for the weekend brunch? With the best booking system for brunch cafés on the market of course! Make sure that your guests have a fantastic experience and that your café is the town’s go-to place for a wonderful brunch by using resOS.

To brunch is a weekend hobby for many. It means that cafés are often filled with guests, who all want a few hours to just enjoy life. resOS understands the challenges that this brings. That is why we created a user-friendly and flexible system that allows you to focus on what matters – your guests.

Add an online booking page to your webpage, Facebook and Google profile

Help your guests make sure there is a table waiting for them on the busy brunch days by offering online booking. By adding a booking page to your webpage, Facebook and Google, you make it possible for guests to easily book a table at your café.

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Manage the bookings in the way that works best for you

To make it even easier for you to focus on serving you guests a fantastic brunch, resOS also offers a flexible way of managing the bookings. With resOS, you can choose how you want to receive and manage bookings so it fits with your business. You can choose if you want bookings to be accepted automatically if the system finds a vacant and suitable table. You can also choose to accept or deny every booking manually.

A lot of restaurants prefer writing down their reservations in a book, and that is, of course, okay! But resOS also offer an easy online platform for you to keep track of all your reservations. Here you can also add new bookings and walk-in.

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Flexible features that make your life easier

With resOS, you get a booking system for brunch cafés with all the features you need to optimize your everyday. With resOS you can:

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