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Booking system for dumpling restaurants

Make sure to manage bookings at your dumpling restaurant most efficiently with resOS

Make sure to manage your bookings most efficient on your dumpling restaurant and focus on the most important thing – to serve delicious food to your hungry guests! Our booking system for dumpling restaurants is easy to implement and may increase your revenue.

booking system for dumpling restaurants
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In a dumpling restaurant, it is super important to be effective and to give your guests friendly and fast service. Your customers must be able to enjoy the tasty dumplings and your other dishes while they are fresh! At resOS, we have developed a booking system that helps dumplings restaurants easily handle reservations without compromising on customer service.

Customize your seating setting

In the system, you will be able to set up different seatings with various criteria. This allows you to make sure that you are in control of what your guests can expect from their visit. You can, for instance, define the duration of each seating. This duration does also include turnaround time. So let’s say that you, for instance, want to offer guests to stay for 45 minutes, and you need 15 minutes to clean the tables until the next wave of guests arrives, then 1 hour is perfect for you.

Settings in our booking system for dumpling restaurants
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As can be seen in the image above, you can also define limits on how many bookings and/or guests you can receive each seating. In addition, you can add a note saying what you will serve or any other information that you want to share with your guests.

Read more about how to set up different seatings here

With resOS’ booking system for dumpling restaurants, you can:

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