Top 3 alternatives to Resy for UK restaurants

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The recent announcement of Resy ceasing operations in the UK has left many restaurateurs in a bind, seeking a reliable and efficient reservation system to fill the void. A good booking system is not just a tool—it’s the lifeblood of modern restaurant operations, playing a pivotal role in managing customer flow and enhancing dining experiences. 

This article aims to guide UK restaurants through this transition, offering a curated list of the top alternatives to Resy, ensuring your business doesn’t just survive but thrives.

Why choosing the right alternative is crucial?

For any restaurant, the choice of a booking system can significantly impact both the customer experience and operational efficiency. It’s essential to consider not only the features a system offers but also its stability and longevity in the market

In the wake of Resy’s exit from the UK, restaurant owners need a reliable partner in reservation management—one that assures continuity and stability. A robust and well-established system mitigates the risk of future disruptions, ensuring seamless operations for both the restaurant owners and their customers. 

An ideal system should offer more than just reservation handling; it should provide a seamless interface, insightful analytics, and flexible integration with other tools. This stability is a cornerstone in maintaining uninterrupted service, reinforcing customer trust, and ultimately, elevating your brand. 

By choosing a system that is both feature-rich and market-tested, restaurants can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and secure a competitive edge in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Top alternatives to Resy in the UK


Features: resOS is recognized for its user-friendly interface, which includes efficient table management, waitlist handling, and insightful analytics. It’s designed to simplify the reservation process for both the restaurant staff and the customers. The most affordable with a monthly payment option. Additional features include online booking, customer database management, and the ability to handle multiple locations.

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Pricing: resOS offers a flexible pricing model, which is adaptable to the needs of different types and sizes of restaurants. This flexibility makes it a viable option for both small, independent establishments and larger, multi-venue operations.

Free plan available

User reviews: Users frequently commend resOS for its simplicity, intuitive design, and responsive customer support. Its straightforward approach to reservation management makes it a favorite among restaurant owners and managers.

“We choose resOS initially because of the affordable price compared to the various feature offered. The customer service from resOS has been excellent with the initial installation. They are very responsive and helpful.”
— Maria, Jerome’s Wine Bar and Shop

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Features: Quandoo offers a dynamic and versatile reservation system that caters to the modern needs of restaurants. Its key features include a customer loyalty program, table management, and a personalized reservation widget for restaurant websites.

Pricing: Quandoo provides two different pricing structures, which is generally based on the number of covers or reservations made through the platform.

User reviews: Many users appreciate Quandoo for its extensive diner network, which drives new business to restaurants. 


Features: OpenTable is renowned for its comprehensive reservation management system. Key features include a vast diner network for increased visibility, efficient table management, a reservation widget for integration with restaurant websites, guest management tools, and insightful analytics.

Pricing: OpenTable operates on a tiered pricing model, which includes a range of options from basic packages suitable for smaller establishments to more advanced offerings for larger operations.

User reviews: OpenTable is often praised for its extensive diner network, which can significantly boost a restaurant’s exposure and customer base. The platform is also appreciated for its robust feature set and ease of use. However, some users note the cost as a potential consideration, particularly for smaller restaurants.

Comparison table

Free planAvailable foreverNot availableFree 30 days
Key FeaturesUser-friendly interface, table management,
analytics, customer profiles
Reservation management, customer loyalty
program, table management
Large diner network, marketing
services, guest management tools
PricingFlexible, caters to various sizesBased on covers/reservationsTiered; subscription and per-diner fees
Setup feeFree£249/£749Extra fee

How to choose the best booking system for your restaurant?

Choosing the right system involves considering various factors:

  • Restaurant size: The scale of your operations can determine the complexity of the system required.
  • Customer demographics: Understanding your customer base can guide you towards a system that aligns with their booking preferences.
  • Technical support: Look for platforms offering robust support and training resources.