Case Story

The Pheasant

The Pheseant bar

In the quaint village of Churchtown, lies a medium-sized pub known for its delectable home-made classics and a warm, inviting atmosphere. The Pheasant, under the stewardship of General Manager James Wilson, has long been a favorite among locals and tourists alike, offering a relaxed but attentive experience to guests primarily on holiday. However, managing the surge of guests, especially during peak seasons, posed significant challenges that threatened to disrupt the tranquil experience The Pheasant prided itself on. This is the story of how resOS transformed their restaurant booking system, enhancing both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

A commitment to a relaxed and attentive experience

James Wilson envisions a specific atmosphere for his guests: “We want our guests to have a relaxed but attentive experience. Most of our guests are on holiday, so they are looking to relax, with no large rush on any part of their time with us.”  Keeping The Pheasant’s relaxed vibe intact required a system capable of handling the complexities of restaurant management.

The challenge: overwhelmed by success

The challenge: The Pheasant struggled with managing a surge of guests during busy holiday seasons. Their challenge was to streamline bookings and maintain a relaxed atmosphere while ensuring operational efficiency and staff ease during peak times.

The Pheasant’s popularity, especially during holiday seasons, often led to a chaotic environment. Managing a high volume of bookings and service inquiries, particularly during peak times, led to operational strain and reduced service quality. This included the specific difficulty of handling numerous phone calls for next-day bookings during busy Saturday nights.

The solution: resOS positive impact


  1. Booking ease: Direct booking through Google and the website.
  2. Operational efficiency: Staggering bookings and setting daily limits.
  3. Service flexibility: Ability to adjust opening times for events.
  4. Online reputation: Follow-up emails for guest reviews.
  5. Affordability & integration: Cost-effective with easy online integration.

Reserve with Google 🔑 key integration

The integration of resOS with Reserve with Google significantly enhanced the booking experience at The Pheasant. By taking advantage of this integration, The Pheasant streamlined its reservation process, making it more user-friendly and accessible to guests.

“Enabling guests to book with ease, either through Google or on our website. So wherever our guests are first looking, there is an ability to book immediately.” 

This feature was pivotal in ensuring that guests could secure their spots without any hassle, mirroring the relaxed experience The Pheasant aimed to offer.

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Operational transformation with resOS

One of the standout features of resOS, as highlighted by James, was its ability to empower the staff with better time management and improved workflow. 

table booking schedule

“Being able to accurately stagger our bookings and set limits on certain days has eased service over our busier periods” said James, emphasizing the operational benefits that resOS brought to the table. The system’s intuitive nature also meant that the staff could now focus more on delivering exceptional service rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Improved guest experience and online reputation

The Pheasant’s commitment to providing a relaxed but attentive experience was further reinforced by resOS’s customizable booking options. James points out, “Being able to stagger and edit our opening times to suit about events that we have, as well as the ease of booking on Google,” was crucial in maintaining the flexibility The Pheasant needed. 

custom design app

Furthermore, the automated follow-up emails for reviews significantly boosted The Pheasant’s online reputation, an aspect James finds invaluable: 

“The follow-up email asking for reviews helps to increase our reputation.”

James Wilson, General Manager
table booking reminders

Choosing resOS was a decision influenced by several factors, including price, features, and customer service. For The Pheasant, resOS stood out for its affordability and the range of helpful features it offered within the pub’s budget. 

“I wanted something that was within our price range, that also offered the ability to integrate our bookings so that people could easily book online,” James remarks, reflecting on the factors that made resOS the ideal choice.

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