Administrative setup in resOS' booking system

resOS all-in-one restaurant system puts you in full control. We are of course always here to help you along the way. But with this guide, you will quickly and easily be ready to take the steering wheel and manage your administrative setup in resOS booking system all by yourself.

All of the following setups are to be found under “Settings” on your resOS account.

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Once you have set up the tables and opening hours in the system, you would want customers to be able to book a table. Your next step is, therefore, to integrate the system into your various platforms. In order to do this, you go to “Settings”“Integrations”.

Add a booking link to your platforms

Here you will find the booking link that will take the guests directly to the landing page where they can make their reservation. This link can be implemented wherever you please. Such as on your Facebook page, your Google profile, or your Instagram.

Add a booking widget to your website

Under “Integrations”, you will also find the code for the booking widget that can be implemented on your website.

Read more about how to set up the booking widget on your website.


Under “Users” you will be able to create different users that can log in to the system with their own account. They will all have the same access to adding and managing the system and your bookings.

Adding different users can help you to keep track of who has managed which booking, as the system will log which user sent a message to the customer or who accepted the booking.

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If you click on “Billing” under Settings, you will get a full overview of your invoices and their status. You will see the amount that you have paid or that you will pay for the next invoice, as well as the status of the invoice.

API Credentials

One part of your administrative setup can also be to let your current software systems communicate with our booking system through our REST API. In order to do this, you need a private API key that will identify and authorize the request. With this key, you will get access to all the restaurant’s data, including bookings and guests’ contact information. So use it wisely. You will be able to add private API keys under “API Credentials” under “Settings”.

Do you have any questions about the administrative setup?

Contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible! We are always happy to help you get the very best experience of resOS’ restaurant management system.