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How to use resOS rest api

We allow for API-credentials in order to broaden the spectrum of what can be done with resOS’ restaurant management system. When you use resOS REST API, you can allow your existing systems to communicate directly with your booking system. The API can give you access to all relevant information from resOS. This includes guest-data, booking-data, or any other data that you might be interested in integrating into another system.

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Generate keys directly in the system

In order to use our REST API, you need a private API-key that will identify and authorize the request. In order to manage your API-keys and generate new ones, you go to “API Credentials” under “Settings” via the menu. You then click on “Generate new key”, and voila!

Your API keys give access to all your data and your customers’ contact information, so be sure to keep them secret and only use them on server-side code, not shown to the user

Find out more about the guidelines by reading our API documentation.

Explore a world of integration possibilities

resOS REST API opens up for numerous opportunities for how you can use the system. Read more about the feature here.

With resOS’ API, you can for instance:

  • Integrate into an e-mail system such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor
  • Allow for interaction between resOS and an accounting system such as Microsoft Dynamics, Debitoor, E-conomic or similar
  • Integrate into a CRM or business intelligence platform
  • Integrate to a lamp at the office so it blinks every time you get a booking

Please let us know at [email protected] if you have questions or if something you need is missing. We are extending the API as needed and per your request.