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Online takeaway system by resOS

Does your restaurant offer takeaway? Is it unmanageable and inconvenient on busy nights? Or maybe you just prefer to prioritize your time to make the best food possible for your customers. The resOS online takeaway system will help you and your restaurant maintain control, even during the busiest nights. The takeaway system is simple and easy to use for you and your customers, because of its user-friendly design.

Add, remove and edit items from your menu

The system makes it easy for employees to make a clear and manageable menu cart for the customers. Using the icons on the right, you can create your menu exactly as you want it. You can also edit the products if there are certain changes, and you can duplicate some of them and change a few settings just to set it up faster. Furthermore, the resOS online takeaway system allows you to add pictures of each individual item and to add a description for it. This helps you increase the attraction of your food options for the customers. Also, for each product on your menu, you can add an option for your customers to choose extra ingredients for a fee.

Restaurant menu overview
Edit your menu

The resOS online takeaway system supports a variety of payment methods

We at resOS know that customer experience means a lot in every business. Therefore, we’ve added numerous payment methods for the customer to pick from. If you want to edit the payment methods, to fit your restaurant perfectly, this can easily be done in the settings menu, as shown below:

resOS payment methods
Edit your payment methods

Does your restaurant offer delivery?

With all of the features above, the resOS online takeaway system also offers a delivery option for your restaurant. Therefore, if your restaurant is planning to implement a delivery option or maybe you already have it, resOS online takeaway system will make it easy for you to manage. In addition to that, with the user-friendly interface, you can change the time, price, and fees to your preferable options.

resOS delivery options
Edit your delivery settings

How does the system look, from a customer’s point of view?

With the ability to add pictures of your food, combined with the simple and minimalistic layout, your future menu could look like the one below. The menu has a very user-friendly interface, with a clear overview of the food items your restaurant is offering. Also, you can add as many items as you wish and customize their settings to your needs.

Customers food point of view

Do you want to try the resOS system?

resOS takeaway system has a 4% transaction cost with credit card payments, but we take 0% in commission.

Do you have any questions regarding our takeaway system? Don’t hesitate to contact the resOS team at [email protected]. We would be glad to help you, the best we can!

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