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How to setup table management

What is the Table Management feature?

Table Management is an innovative tool designed to streamline the process of managing tables within your restaurant. This feature allows for real-time table tracking, reservation management, and seating optimization, ensuring that your restaurant can maximize efficiency and guest satisfaction.

From visual floor plans to guest seating preferences, Table Management provides a comprehensive solution to handle the dynamic and fast-paced environment of your restaurant. With its user-friendly interface, managing your restaurant’s layout and reservations has never been easier or more efficient.

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Video on how to set it up

Steps to follow to set up the Table Management feature.

👉 How to enable automatic/manual table management
👉 Setting default booking duration and interval
👉 Choosing area to set up table management

How to enable automatic/manual table management

To enable table management, you first need to navigate to your resOS profile, select Settings, and then choose Booking.

In the New online bookings section, you can specify whether you want to manually confirm bookings or if you prefer bookings to be confirmed automatically. If you opt for reservations to be confirmed automatically, guests will only be able to book available times. The bookings will then be automatically confirmed in the system.

Through the managing tables option, you can decide whether the system should automatically assign tables to bookings or if this should be a manual process. Additionally, you have the option to completely disable managing tables.

Select the combination of table management that suits you the most

Manual Table Management: Enable manual table assignment for all bookings. Initially, online bookings won’t have any table assigned, allowing you to select the most suitable tables for confirmed bookings manually.

Adjust your system settings to receive online booking requests. Review each request and choose to accept or decline it. Guests will be notified of your decision. You’ll receive notifications for all booking requests, and for confirmed ones, manually assign tables.

Automating Table Management: To optimize the table allocation process, enable the automatic table management feature. This ensures that the most appropriate table is automatically assigned to a booking if one is available.

This setup streamlines operations and improves the guest experience by minimizing wait times.

Auto-assign Tables with Manual Booking Confirmation: You can either add tables to bookings automatically or manually add tables to bookings, but you will manually approve or decline the reservation

Setting default booking duration and interval

To choose the time interval and default duration that applies for bookings in all your opening hours, scroll down on the same page to “Duration & time”.

Define time interval

Here you can define the interval, which defines the time between available times shown to guests when they book a table online. For example, if the interval is set to “0:30” (0 hours, 30 minutes) and your restaurant opens at 10:00, the guests can make reservations at 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, etc.

Define duration

On the same page, you can set the “Default duration” of a booking. This is the duration of a booking made by guests online will have – and the default duration set on bookings created by the staff. This should include turnaround time as the table will be available for reservations after this duration. The format is hours: minutes. For example, if the guests have the table for 2 hours, and you need 15 minutes to clear the table, you can set the duration to 2:15.

Minimum/Max time in advance

Here, you can define the minimum time in advance that a guest can book a table. For example, if set to 1 hour and the time is 13:00, the earliest time a guest can book will be 14:00. Also, if maximum time is set to e.g., “1 week”, only the next 7 days will be available when making a booking.

Define duration to guests

Here you can also choose if the duration will be shown to the guest on the confirmation page and via a notification. Also, you can select to set up custom rules defining the durations for online bookings based on the number of party size.

Table management settings

Choosing area to set up table management

Do you have several areas in your restaurant? Maybe you have multiple floors and/or also offer outdoor serving. Some areas might be more attractive to guests than others, therefore, you can choose if you want guests to be able to choose an area when they book a table. You can also define opening hours for each area making the management of areas more convenient to your staff.

Choosing an area settings

Do you need any help with setting up table management?

We hope that this guide about how to set up table management for your restaurant has been useful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

See also the guide for how to select tables on a booking.

Frequently asked questions

What is table management?

Table management is a feature that allows you to track your available tables, and times and turn tables faster so more guests can book a table. The system helps you keep track of your available tables, times, and the tables’ time intervals to optimize the flow of guests.

Why is table management important?

It is important to work with an effective table management system that helps you ensure a smooth service and happy guests. Table management ensure that guests book your available tables only, and that there are no overlaps in the reservation of tables.

How can table management increase customer satisfaction?

Guests that books a table at a certain time want to arrive to your restaurant to find that the table is ready for them. Table management ensures that only available tables are booked, and takes into consideration turn over time. This ensures a smooth service and happy guests.

How much does table management cost?

It depends on your restaurants needs and what features you are looking for. resOS offers a very effective and user-friendly table management system that allows for the flexibility to set a seating strategy that suits you best. You can choose from different price plans depending on how many bookings you have. All features are included.

Any other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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