How to select tables on a booking

After you have enabled table management and set up your tables, it’s easy to choose tables for a booking. Here is how you select tables on a booking.

When adding a booking or walk-in, you can choose what table the booking should sit at. The system will automatically suggest the best available table, or a combination of tables. The suggestion is based on the date and time, as well as the number of people and the duration of the reservation.

resOS new bookings

When changing the date, time, people or duration, the suggested and available tables will update to match. Click the table selector to choose another table or a combination of tables. You may also type in part of the table name to filter the tables shown.

To the right of the table name(s) the minimum and maximum seating capacity of the table or table combination is shown.

Tables that can fit the number of people, but has been defined with a higher minimum, can still be selected but will be shown with a red capacity marker.

Guests who make a booking online will automatically be assigned a table. This is based on the availability, and on your area and its table priorities.