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Manage your orders and takeaway with the resOS app

Everyone owns a phone nowadays, most of them have the ability to download a lot of different apps. That’s why you can manage your orders and takeaway with the resOS app. Using the app, you will still have access to all the resOS features, just like you normally would on your computer.

Features the resOS app includes

  • Activate and deactivate takeaways on the go
  • Choose which payment methods you would like to accept for orders
  • Edit delivery times and prices
  • Configure the menu, edit or remove items
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As mentioned above, you will have all the resOS features in your pocket. From the app, you can activate and deactivate takeaway from your restaurant. This can be done fast and easily, with one click. Furthermore, you can enable and disable different payment methods. In addition to that, you can decide if you want your guest to pay immediately or when they pick up their order. All this can be done on the go, via the resOS app.

What features can you expect from the resOS app?

First of all, you can write an introduction about your takeaway. The introduction could for example include a brief welcoming, info about your restaurant, or perhaps your menu. It’s all up to you. Furthermore, you can edit the delivery times and prices, to suit your restaurant perfectly. In addition to the features above, you can enable and disable “eat-in”, enable and disable “pick-up” and as mentioned before, delivery.

Change your menu on the go

From the resOS app, you can add, edit and remove items from your menu. It works the same way, as the resOS panel on your computer. On the menu, you can make a food category, create individual items, write all the details, and even add pictures. All with a few clicks from your phone.

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Do you want to try out the resOS system, including the app?

resOS takeaway system has a 4% transaction cost with credit card payments, but we take 0% in commission.

If you have questions regarding the resOS app or resOS in general, feel free to contact our team here.

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