Manage takeaways via SMS and Email

With the resOS takeaway system, you can communicate with your guests in multiple ways. This will make it easier for your guests by receiving information and orders from you fast and easily. The SMS and email system also works the other way around, which means you as a restaurant owner, can receive orders via SMS and email as reminders of the orders you need to prepare.

What can you achieve using SMS and Email notifications?

  • Focus more on your guests while staff knows what to prepare for the orders
  • Contact your guests by SMS, email, or both to remind them about their order or send a confirmation
  • Receive notifications about new incoming orders via SMS or email
  • Send and receive notifications in your own language so communication with your guests is easy

It’s so easy with resOS to keep in touch with your guests about changes that happen with their orders or reminders about these. And, the same goes for your restaurant staff, in case they need to remember what orders they need to prepare. We have implemented this feature to let you focus more on your guests, while your staff knows what to do and what to focus on.

Picture from unsplash.com
Picture from unsplash.com

Notifications with resOS

If your restaurant is using the resOS takeaway system, you can reach out to your customers in more ways, it all depends on what you need. With the resOS system, you don’t have to deal with takeaway orders in a complicated online system, it all happens inside the system. Your guests can receive updates on their orders fast and easily, this will make the busy night an easier and more manageable task. What you have to do, is to take care of the food, and make sure it’s fresh and finished on time, and resOS will take care of the rest.

Depending on your settings, you can choose to contact your guests by email, by SMS, or both to remind them about their orders or to send the order confirmation. Also, you can choose to send your guests multiple reminders, either through SMS or email, and choose the time they should be sent before the order is ready.

Furthermore, you can do the same for your restaurant. This is great for busy nights when you need to remember about certain orders and the time your guests come to pick them up/the time you have to deliver the orders.

If you choose the SMS option both for your guests and staff, there will be some extra costs, the amount depending on the phone company you use and the country that you are situated in. You can read more about this here.


resOS has customers from all over the world, that’s why our system can provide you with emails and texts in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, German, Italian, Dutch, and many more. Therefore, no matter where your restaurant is located or where your guests come from, you should be able to use and understand the resOS system and communicate with your guests in your own language.

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resOS takeaway system has a 4% transaction cost with credit card payments, but we take 0% in commission.

If you want to try out the resOS takeaway system, including all the features, you can read more about it here. If you have any questions regarding the system or resOS in general, you can contact us here.

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