The most price-worthy restaurant reservation system

There are already a lot of great table booking systems out there. Some of them may have certain great features that are perfect for your restaurant. However, if you need a simple, cheap and functional booking system that does not require a lot of changes in your daily routines, resOS is great for you, as the pricing is from free to cheap. Explore the benefits of our price-worthy restaurant reservation system here.

Fixed monthly price no matter the number of bookings

The beauty of resOS is that you do not get charged for bookings you receive. Actually, resOS’ booking system has a fixed monthly price, no matter how many bookings you get. The amount of bookings you can receive and handle depends on whether you choose the free plan or one of the paid plans.

Try a month (or 2) for free

Are you interested in trying one of the paid packages, but you want to be sure that the system fits your needs before you start paying for it? We will gladly offer you a one or two-month free trial in order for you to see the benefits as a result of using resOS. All resOS subscriptions are without binding and you won’t need a credit card to sign up for the free plan.

Don’t forget that it just takes one booking through us to make this service profitable! 🙂

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