Restaurant Det Blå Tog

Here you can read about how Restaurant Det Blå Tog improved its booking process thanks to resOS affordable and user-friendly booking system.

The charming and traditional Restaurant Det Blå Tog can be visited at Postgården in Holsted. The culinary and authentic experiences are important for Det Blå Tog, where the guest is always in focus. The restaurant offers food for every wish. Try for example dish of the day, a delicious Wienerschnitzel, the grilled chicken, or stop by for a lavish Sunday brunch or breakfast. On top of this, it is also possible to order take away. The restaurant has chosen resOS to keep track of all the reservations.

resOS helps us to keep track of the bookings and the tables for an internal use. Besides that, the booking page is also simple to use and is very welcoming.

Bjarne Lastein, Restaurant Det Blå Tog

User-friendly, simple, and priceworthy

With busy daily operations and a lot of hungry guests, it is important for each restaurant that the guests receive the best possible service. To ensure high customer satisfaction, it is important that the staff can navigate the many different functions. resOS offers a user-friendly platform where you can easily get an overview.

resOS was chosen by the Det Blå Tog as a result of

  • the user-friendliness of the platform
  • the design and simplicity of the platform
  • the price of the platform

When we changed to resOS, we experienced a friendly and competent introduction to the booking system. Especially their understanding for our specific wished and needs. We chose resOS as a result of the platform's user friendliness, design and price. It has been super easy to teach out employees to use the system.

Bjarne Lastein, Restaurant Det Blå Tog
Restaurant det blå tog
Det Blå Tog

With resOS as your booking system, it's easy to keep track of the guest reservations and the tables in the restaurant. Thanks to this, Det Blå Tog can continue to focus on delivering fantastic service and delicious food to the hungry guests each day.

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