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Case Story

Gun Brewery Taproom

The Gun Brewery Taproom Experience

Gun Brewery Taproom is an open space venue with unique surprises. 

They offer a wide range of different food trucks changing every week. One week customers can have local Greek food and in the next a gourmet Smash burger. The novelty is part and parcel of Gun Brewery Taproom’s experience.

Their wide range of beers also pulls guests to the grounds, from a Hazy Pale ale to a crisp pale cider, all brewed on site.

The outstanding views of the Sussex countryside showers them and the peacefulness settles anyone. Gun Brewery Taproom matches the environment with their exceptional customer service along with their friendliness.

Gun Brewery Taproom - case story

Organized bookings, focused staff

resOS’ management booking system allowed Gun Brewery Taproom to focus on what really matters: the customers. The app shows them an online table planner, keeping up with the day’s bookings as well as a booking schedule for the entire week.

resOS has boosted our organization to no end, we now have a structured view of each time we open. 

Harvey Bourne, Taproom Manager
Customers enjoying meal Gun Brewery Taproom

User-friendly booking system

Customers easily book their own reservations, meaning that the staff at Gun Brewery Taproom doesn’t even need to worry about it. No calls, no negotiations. Just a user-friendly system for both customers and staff.

Feedback, upcoming bookings and customer requests are all easily accessible in one place.

The staff has the ability to keep on top of upcoming bookings, customer requests and even feedback which is so valuable to us as a new venue. 

Harvey Bourne, Taproom Manager

Clear and easy communication

Talking and listening to customers is key in any restaurant. It’s how you can offer the best experience to your customers and how you can improve processes.

With resOS, customers are able to communicate their needs clearly through its chat options. Management and staff can take measures and easily accommodate their customers’ needs. It also connects the restaurant to its guests, fostering relationships before they have even arrived.

Customers’ feedback also comes in handy. Customers share their opinion directly with Gun Brewery Taproom, allowing the staff to improve their service every week.

We want to make sure the customer and the venue have clear and easy communication, so we can meet every expectation and questions the customer may have.

Harvey Bourne, Taproom Manager

Friendly customer service

Gun Brewery Taproom wanted to smoothly integrate their booking system into its website and back office systems. They also looked for a user-friendly system with a great interface so that every customer could easily book their own table at the time of their liking. 

They found every feature they desired and more in resOS.

Apps and systems aren’t everything though. A friendly and helpful customer service goes a long way and the resOS team was (and still is!) there to help every step of the way.

We wanted a company that was friendly and helpful while we set up the system, and if anything was to need fixing then we could rely on the resOS team to help us quickly and get us back on track!

Harvey Bourne, Taproom Manager

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