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Kebab places

Get more time to take care of the guests and the delicious kebab's

At resOS, we have developed a simple and user-friendly booking system for kebab places and many other restaurant types, that provides a better overview of the daily activities. The booking system is intuitive and will quickly become a part of the daily routines at the kebab place.

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The day at a kebab place starts earlier than at other restaurants. The dough and meat need time, care and attention. At a busy kebab place, you have many things to do. With resOS we promise you will have time for everything. We help you create a better structure and give you an overview of your tables and guests. Our booking system for kebab places gives you the opportunity to spend more time on what really matters: giving your guests a wonderful experience.

With resOS you get

  • Notifications about bookings via SMS and email
  • Easy to add tables, times and walk-ins
  • Overview of all your future bookings
  • Easy communication with the guests directly in the system
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We have spent time making sure that the booking system fits your kebab place perfectly. Allow guests to book a table at your kebab place.

Get notified about bookings the way that suits you best

  • Choose SMS if you don’t want to be called up. 
  • If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can also be notified of new bookings by email. 
  • You accept or decline the bookings directly by phone, SMS or email.

Do you have any further questions? Contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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