How to promote your restaurant on YouTube

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Using social media in order to increase your restaurant’s online visibility has many benefits. Most commonly, restaurants use Instagram and Facebook to promote themselves mainly due to the ease of use and limited effort required. One platform that is often overlooked is YouTube. However, there are endless opportunities to this platform as well – especially if your guests use YouTube. Since there are only a few restaurants that use this platform for promotion, it also gives you the opportunity to be unique! Also, YouTube is, according to Statista, among the most popular social media platforms in 2022. Here are our suggestions for how you can promote your restaurant on YouTube. Let’s dive in. Shall we?

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Be unique, interesting, and fun!

First things first, make sure to create a YouTube channel for your restaurant. Here is a guide for how you can do that. Okay, now let’s move on.

The fact that you are even using YouTube, makes you and your restaurant unique. But you have to be interesting and fun as well in order for people to actually be interested. Maybe you can take your most famous dish and make it into a giant form? Or maybe in a miniature form? Be creative and have fun! Do things that you think will generate views. However, remember to keep it relevant to your restaurant.

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Invite YouTuber’s to your restaurant

If you are not very comfortable with starting your own YouTube channel, you can always use other content creators to promote your restaurant on YouTube. There are countless YouTube vloggers that focus on the food scene and do amateur reviews on restaurants, cafés, bars, and more. Do some research and find a local content creator that you can invite to your restaurant. Offer them a free meal for a review, or something similar.

Remember to also promote your restaurant on Facebook and Instagram

It’s important for your restaurant’s online visibility, that you are present and engage with guests across different social media platforms. YouTube is great for visual presentation in the form of video, but are you aware of the amazing benefits you can achieve from also using Instagram and Facebook? To learn more about these platforms we suggest you read the following posts:

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