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To give you a clear and simple overview of restaurant bookings as well as the capacity at your restaurant, at any given time, we have implemented different ways to get a simple overview of your bookings. Get an overview of your bookings and handle reservations in the most efficient way possible. Change between Calendar view, Schedule view, or list view when managing bookings. Learn the difference below!

Simple overview of restaurant bookings

Get an overview of any bookings with resOS

Managing bookings have never been easier for your staff! With resOS‘ booking system you have the possibility of seeing any bookings made at your restaurant in different ‘views’. This means no more confusion between the staff, or between staff and the guests.

List, schedule, and calendar view?

  • When choosing ‘calendar view‘: You are able to get an overall overview of all your reservations for the month. You can see the number of bookings, guests, and the density of bookings for the month.
  • When choosing ‘schedule view’: You are always able to see the number of bookings and, guests. To give you an even better outline of your bookings and capacity at any given time, we have added a small line at the top of the bookings schedule view, showing the total number of bookings and people per 15-minute interval.
  • When choosing ‘list view’: you are able to see a list of all bookings made for the day. You will also here be able to see the name of the booking, number of guests, internal notes, and any messages from the guest. Moreover, the status (accepted, seated, left, etc.) of the booking is shown here, as well as the status of any prepayments, if activated. See a full list of our booking system features here.

Want to try out resOS?

Do you have any questions about how resOS can be implemented into your restaurant? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.