What the different booking status colours mean

Green? Red? Grey? Read the support page below and understand the different booking status colors on the floor plan and in the list view on resOS.

We have made it simple for every employee in your restaurant to get a visual overview of all bookings - just at a glance. We have implemented a smart color code for all booking statuses, which makes handling bookings more colorful, literally. Green? Red? Grey? Read the support page below and understand the different booking status colors you see on the visual floor plan as well as in the bookings' list view.

status colors on visual table plan

Booking status colors on the visual floor plan

The picture below illustrates the color code we have implemented to the floor plan. This is going to assist all employees when managing tables. Green means that the table is available, yellow means that a booking has been requested whereas red means that the guest has arrived. See all the different status colors below.

different colours on the booking status

The color is set based on the time you have selected (or the current time if you are in "Live" mode):

  • Orange background color and table = active booking, the table is occupied
  • Turquoise background color and table = upcoming booking within the normal duration (selected time + duration), the table will soon be occupied
  • No background color and green table = upcoming booking outside the normal duration (selected time + 1:30), the table is vacant

The color codes are designed to make it easy for you to quickly spot the difference between the tables that are occupied (red or orange), are occupied within the normal duration (turquoise), or vacant (the table is green, booking has no background color in the list on the right)

List view - Booking status colors

The picture below illustrates the color statuses for bookings shown in the list view. To find it, simply go to 'Dashboard' --> 'Bookings' --> Choose 'list' and explore all your bookings of the day. As you can see below, yellow means that a table has been requested, grey indicates that the booking has been approved, red indicates that the guest has arrived in your restaurant. Explore all the status colors below or check them out in the system.

different booking status colours

Have you set up your visual floor plan?

resOS' visual table planner makes it possible to see available, reserved, and occupied tables at a glance. This will make it easier to allocate guests with reservations and walk-ins right at their arrival. It will also improve your daily routines as it will give all staff members a quick overview of reservations and capacities throughout the day. Set up your floor plan with our easy-to-use drag and drop editor in a matter of minutes. Change the shape of tables. Rotate and place seats where you want them.

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Need any help?

Do you have any questions about the color codes or do you need help with setting up your floor plan? Our wonderful support team is always ready to assist you. Reach us at [email protected] and we will be ready to help.