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How to set up the pre-payment feature for restaurants

This support article explains how to set up the prepayment feature so that you can start taking pre-payments/deposits when customers book a table at your restaurant. This feature set up is super easy and takes just a few steps. The following guide will illustrate what the feature looks like from a guest view, as well as from a restaurant view.

Different payment methods

How to activate the pre-payment feature

To activate the prepayment feature at your restaurant you have to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings→ Opening hours → Edit opening hours → Activate prepayment. You can activate pre-payment for specific opening hours e.g when you are at your busiest, and not activate it for the rest of the opening hours. When activating prepayment in your settings, different settings will show up.
  2. Choose if you want to require a prepayment amount from a booking made or charge the amount for each guest on the booking.
  3. Choose the minimum number of guest for requiring pre-payment can also be set
  4. Choose a cancellation that suits your restaurant best. Having it close to the reservation time might attract more guests, but setting it further away would make it easier for you to quickly make the table available again.

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Prepayment settings on

Check the status of the pre-payment

Once the prepayment feature is activated (for the opening hours you selected) guests must now pay a prepayment amount when booking a table. Sometimes, a guest might reconsider their booking during the prepayment process and interrupt the payment. You can always check if the prepayment is settled or if it is pending by going to Bookings List view. A yellow envelope indicates that the prepayment for the booking hasn’t been made, and the status is therefore pending. A white envelope indicates a settled prepayment. You can also click on a specific booking with a prepayment, to see the status.

Pending and settelted prepayment at

Settling a prepayment as a guest

When requiring a pre-payment for table bookings, a notice will show up on the booking page based on your settings. The notice clarifies that a pre-payment is required. At the end of the booking flow, the guest must settle the payment within 10 minutes, or else the bookings is removed automatically. Once settled, simply lean back and enjoy reducing no-shows, as well as maximizing the capacity in the restaurant.

resOS booking form
resOS booking form

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Need any help with the pre-payment feature for your restaurant?

Please, let us know at [email protected] if you have questions about the prepayment feature. We at team resOS are always happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions about prepayments

How are guests charged the prepayment fee?

When guests books a table, they will be asked to pay the prepayment fee on the last step of the booking flow. The guest will have 10 min to pay the fee, and if fee is not paid, the booking will be automatically deleted after the 10 minutes have passed.

Will the booking show in the system even though the prepayment have not been paid?

The booking will appear on your bookings overview even though the guests have yet to complete the prepayment. The guest will not receive a booking confirmation before the payment is completed. The booking will be deleted from the system if the prepayment is not done after 10 minutes.

How can we require a prepayment from bookings received on phone?

Bookings received on phone have to be manually entered in the system. To require prepayment enable "Require prepayment", and enter the amount. The guest will receive a notification with a payment link. You have to manually cancel the booking if the fee is not paid.

What does "Payment deadline expired" mean?

The "Payment deadline expired" shown on the booking status page indicates that the booking was created in the past, before the requested date for the visit. In this case, it is no longer possible for the guest to pay for the expired booking anymore.

Any other questions?

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