Get started with the no-show feature for restaurants

With guest bookings, there is always a risk that the guest does not show up. But resOS is here to help you prevent this! The no-show feature is a way to help restaurants with getting an overview and give them a warning. In this way, it is possible to avoid no-shows as much as possible and therefore increase your restaurant’s max capacity every day.

How to “flag” a no-show guest

There are two different ways to “flag” a guest that did not show up to their booking. Both methods lead to the same result, which will be discussed further below.

  1. Changing the status of booking to no-show: by changing the status, the guest and its user information are stored in a flagged customer database.
  2. Use the button “Flag bad guest”: this, likewise, stores the user information in a flagged customer database.

The customer will not be notified that their user information has been stored in a flagged customer database. This is, however, only visible for the restaurant.

booking system settings
no-show feature for restaurants

What happens next?

Whenever a guest book a table, resOS will check the guest’s user information. We look for an email address, phone number user-id, or similar. If the guest is stored in the flagged customer database, a warning is automatically added. In short, you will be able to see the warning in two ways:

  • A warning icon is visible in the note section of the booking
  • A warning icon is visible in the booking calendar, once you click on a booking
From resOS: a warning icon next to a booking

This means that by only viewing the booking, the staff will quickly notice if something needs to be double-checked. You can always remove the “flag” from the guest.

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