How to set up Google Analytics integration in the resOS app?

What is Google Analytics integration on resOS?

Google Analytics Integration on resOS is a feature that allows restaurant owners to connect their resOS platforms with Google Analytics. This integration is designed to help restaurant owners gain insights into customer behavior, interactions, and engagement on the resOS booking and takeaway systems.

How does Google Analytics integration work?

  1. Activation: Activate the Google Analytics app within the resOS system.
  2. Linking: Link your Google Analytics account to resOS by adding your Google Analytics Measurement ID.
  3. Tracking & sending data: Once activated and linked, resOS starts to track and send data, including page views and events, to Google Analytics.

NOTE: Supports UTM tags on all URLs on the restaurants * domain

How to integrate your resOS booking system with Google Analytics?

Step 1: Activate the app

To begin the integration process, you need to activate the Google Analytics app within the resOS system. This can be done by navigating to the apps section and selecting Google Analytics from the list of available apps.

  1. Navigate to the apps section within the resOS system.
  2. Select and activate the Google Analytics app from the list of available apps.
Google Analytics integration – step 1

Step 2: Add measurement ID

After activating the app, proceed to the app’s settings to input your Facebook Pixel ID. This ID is crucial as it establishes a connection between the resOS platform and the user’s Facebook Pixel, facilitating the exchange of data between both systems.

Google Analytics integration – step 2
  • Enter your Google Analytics Measurement ID to link your resOS platform to your Google Analytics account.
Google Analytics - add ID

What can you track with this integration?

Once the integration is complete, resOS will start to track and send data to Google Analytics. Here’s an overview of the events included in the first version:

  • Page views: Monitor all page views on your booking widget.
  • UTM Tags: Utilize UTM tags on all URLs, which will be posted to Google Analytics on the first page load.

Need Help? If you encounter any issues setting up Google Analytics Integration, or if you have any questions or concerns about the system, feel free to reach out to our resOS support team at [email protected] for assistance.

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