How to add products to your takeaway system

Are you ready to start adding products to your system? in this guide, we will provide you with the information you need for every step along the way. With this guide on how to add products to your takeaway system, you will be able to start selling your lovely products in no time.

Easy set up of products directly in the system

Your very first step is to log in to your resOS account and go to the dashboard. Click on the little yellow three-line icon in the upper left corner to see the side menu. From here, you simply go to Settings → Products.

Add and manage your takeaway products

When you want to add products to your takeaway, you simply click on “Takeaway” in the menu bar. Now you can start adding categories such as “Main dishes”, “Sides”, “Extras”, and “Drinks”. Within these categories, you can add the dishes and drinks you offer, so that your hungry guests can order their favourites.

Read our guide on how to set up takeaway in the system.

Option category

Lastly, you can add multiple options to your takeaway system. This will allow customers to choose different versions of the product or dish that they have chosen or add optional sides to their main course. One option can be chosen across multiple products by the customer.

The order you put the various categories and products will be the same as on the page your customer sees when they want to order.

Add an unlimited number of products

You can add an unlimited number of both categories and products. And you will always be able to manage your added products directly in the system. There are of course no limits to what you can add to the system. Maybe you should take this opportunity to start selling gift cards to your restaurant? Or maybe you have a renowned house dressing that deserves a spot in the cupboard of your customers? Only your imagination limits what can be done.

Once you have added new categories and products, these will be directly uploaded to the page shown to your customers. Whenever you want to check out your page, go to the dashboard and click “show takeaway” on the right-hand side under “Shortcuts”.

Do you need any help with the setup?

Do you still have questions or feedback regarding how to manage or add products to your takeaway system? Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our wonderful support team is always happy to help.