Easily get an overview of all takeaway orders

Simplify the management of takeaway orders

  • Get a full and easy overview of all your takeaway orders
  • Get the option to confirm or decline orders – perfect for really busy days
  • Decide upon the current delivery time and current pickup time directly
  • View the whole order and all details that you need to know with a click

A restaurant that offers takeaway knows that a clear overview of all orders is important. In order to make your every day a little bit easier, resOS have created an exhaustive takeaway order overview for restaurants who use resOS’ takeaway system. This will help your staff to review all orders quickly and efficiently. At the same time, all of your guests will receive their orders in no time! Read more about the order overview for restaurants here.

Confirm or decline takeaway orders

By clicking on “orders” in resOS backend, you will see a list of all orders for the day. This list includes name, delivery, time of delivery, and amount. The system will ask you to confirm or decline the order, which is great for busy restaurants with orders coming in at all times. After an order is confirmed, your guest will be notified.

Decide upon current delivery time and current pickup time

In the right upper corner of your resOS page, you can decide the current delivery time and current pickup time for your takeaway orders. Perfect for days where you receive a lot of orders and need more time for preparation and delivery. In this way, you also avoid annoyed guests.

Read more here about the resOS takeaway system.

Review the whole takeaway order with a simple click!

resOS’ takeaway order overview for restaurants also allows you to review the whole order with a simple click. By clicking on the order you will be able to see all the details you need. Moreover, you can also follow a takeaway order timeline, which shows you the status of the order at any time.

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