Wild Orange

Read about the experience of Wild Orange using resOS, and how the booking system helped them managing reservations every day.

Wild Orange is a hidden bar located inside of a large entertainment venue that also has 2 concert halls and a billiards hall. The bar is a inspired by Japanese Hip Hop and the bar and food menu is entirely plant based. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans as well. Guests visiting Wild Orange should feel like they have been transported out of Honolulu, and into a bar that might exist in a futuristic Japanese anime.

Picture of Wild Orange restaurant's interior.
Wild Orange

Wild Orange does not have social media sights or a website, but guests discover the phone number and text for a reservation. It is therefore useful that resOS provides a separate booking link for every restaurant, as this can be sent to guests.

We give them [guests] the link to our resOS booking page where they can choose their reservation time and details.

Lee, restaurant owner

Prior to using resOS, Wild Orange handled bookings manually using pen and paper. As emphasized by the owner, this was time consuming and mistakes like double-bookings occurred.

We used to do all of our reservations by hand, resOS has saved hours of time and eliminates mistakes like
double-booking a section.

Lee, restaurant owner

Which eateries can use resOS' booking system?

resOS' booking system is suitable for every type of restaurant, bar, and cafe. It is designed to fit for eateries of all sizes, big and small, and can be operated intuitively by every staff member, just like Wild Orange is using it. It is, furthermore, easy and simple for guests to reserve a table online, but the system can also be used to enter phone bookings and walk-ins, which makes the booking process more versatile and bars such as Wild Orange can use these booking options as well.

table booking schedule
resOS table booking schedule

Wild Orange being a hidden bar, instructions need to be provided to the guests on how to find the place. Furthermore, guests can easily book a time for their visit. This process has been optimized with resOS' booking system.

Having guests be able to choose their own reservation time is our favorite because it eliminates a lot of back and forth that would need to happen to confirm reservations. Because we are a hidden bar, it's nice to have automated messaging to share instructions on how to find us.

Lee, restaurant owner

Read more about how to communicate directly with guests here. resOS booking communication

resOS booking communication
resOS booking communication

Having found resOS as a booking system took a lot of time. Wild Orange has been looking for a reservations system that is easy-to-use and has all the necessary features without being too crowded. In addition, migrating over from a previous system was not difficult.

We looked at A LOT of different systems and just felt that this was not only the most user-friendly, but it didn't have a lot of the excess fat that a lot of other services have. It has just the right amount of features.

Lee, restaurant owner

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